We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. We’ve made significant progress in the last month in several critical areas, laying the groundwork for the next phase of Orion Protocol. But we’re just getting started, and there’s plenty more to come.

First, let’s take a look at major milestones from the last month:

  • Launch of Orion SDK
    Whether blockchains, exchanges, crypto projects, or individual developers, anyone can now build on Orion Protocol’s backend and liquidity
  • Critical updates to the terminal
    Including enabling a wider array of assets as fees, improved wallet connectivity, and more
  • UI improvements to the terminal 
    Including faster operating and lower CPU, pool search bar, hiding pools with zero liquidity, improved navigation and signposting, updates to charting, and more
  • Critical bug fixes
    Including locked balances, order rejection, various visual bugs, and more
  • Significant development team expansion
  • Hired more Product Managers, Front End and Back End Developers, and several QAs
  • Crypto.com joins as a broker to decentralize their liquidity
  • Joining the likes of AscendEX, KuCoin, MXC, Injective, and others, Crypto.com will become a Broker (Node Validator): their liquidity, order book depth, and trading pairs will be accessible on Orion Terminal.
  • Paribus becomes a client for Orion NFT Oracle and Orion Collateral Optimization
  • Orion will provide rich NFT pricing data to Paribus via Orion NFT Oracle, feeding back real-time pricing data from Orion NFT Aggregator
  • 7 new assets (with APRs up to ~172%)
  • 50+ media mentions
    Including Bitcoin Insider, BTC Manager, AltcoinBuzz, News BTC, and more.
  • 22+ video mentions
    Altcoin Daily, Ryan Matta, Crypto.com, Crypto Michaël, and more.
  • Development AMA
    The development team take your community questions in the form of a YouTube AMA.

Launch of Orion SDK:

Orion SDK: developers can now build onto Orion Protocol using a software development kit. Whether blockchains, exchanges, crypto projects, or individual developers, anyone can build on Orion Protocol’s back end and liquidity
  • Real-time price feeds for the best prices in the market - arbitrage opportunities
  • Place, cancel orders and track status
  • Orion Protocol fee is calculated manually
  • Repository manual is continuously being updated with methods and code samples
  • Build arbitrage bots, speculative bots, trading signals
  • Build whitelabel DEXs
  • Plug Orion Protocol into third-party solutions now


Select fee currency (no longer just ORN):

Users now have the choice of fee payment in BNB or USDT on the BSC chain, or if you’re on the Ethereum chain, ETH or USDT. This move was critical ahead of our upcoming Fiat on/off ramp integration, enabling wider accessibility to the terminal.

Help Desk:

A ticket-based integrated help facility to deal with user queries with Orion Terminal. The UI widget is now live on the Terminal. All tech-related queries will be sent through the new integrated help widget via Orion Terminal. This is a move to protect users and ensure safety when logging issues.


UI improvements: 
  • Optimization of the UI: the UI now runs faster and consumes less CPU
  • Hide pools with zero liquidity: hiding the pools with zero liquidity neatens up the Pools menu and allows for more efficient viewing
  • Pools search bar: Quick and easy search menu for listed pools
  • Select fee currency: fee selection is now a dropdown menu where users have the choice of fee payment in the assets listed. Paying in ORN gives you a discount
  • Tool Tips: added feature to guide users with new wallet connection information
  • Headings: headers and placements adjusted on the wallet menu for improved navigation


Bug fixes; including:
  • Data pool result for CAKE-ORN 
  • Grey buy button for ZIL 
  • Occasional locked balance in wallet upon changing BSC wallet network 
  • Cancellation of order not working in some instances 
  • Aggregator rejects multiple orders in certain conditions
  • Governance value even if votes are in the pool 
  • Order book processing request 
  • Available ORN amount incorrect following swap usage 
  • Resolved bug on 7 day price chart

Team expansion:

New developers and QA engineers hired to aid the production of new features for users. Product Manager, QA along with a Front End and Back End developer have joined the team.

Development AMA
The development team take your community tech questions and answer them on a YouTube AMA. Submit your question here: blog.orionprotocol.io/devquestions


Next priorities

Depositless trading (finished, contract being audited): there will be two options available.
1. There is no longer a need to deposit into the smart contract to make a trade.
2. The option to deposit to the smart contract will also remain.
Both methods will be in place to suit the individual’s trading style. The depositless trading smart contract is complete and currently being audited ahead of release.

Orion bridge (close to completion): Orion Bridge will be the first truly decentralized bridge between different blockchains, working completely on peer-to-peer communication without a layer of validators/stakers that are vulnerable to different attacks.

Internally, it will utilize atomic swap technology and work with our decentralized network of brokers. This will make atomic swaps work in practice - not only as a concept - without delays, refused orders, blocked funds, etc.

Orion rebrand (underway): in development by the creative team. Same name, same logo, same goals, fresh design approach.

Also upcoming:

  • Integration of new sources of liquidity: one of our centralized exchange brokers is currently finalizing the onboarding process. Meanwhile the team are underway with integrating Uniswap, PancakeSwap and other leading swap pools into Orion Terminal.
  • Fiat on/off ramp solution: we are finalizing terms with key partners and integration will be imminent.

Stay updated with Orion Protocol.