Orion Protocol: 2020 in Review

60+ media features. 22 partnerships. 16 revenue streams. 11 products. 7 brokers. 5 listings. 1 main net. And so much more. As 2020 comes to a close, Orion Protocol's CEO and Co-Founder Alexey Koloskov takes a look at our achievements this year.

Our year in review could focus on our significantly oversubscribed token sale, the extensive list of new products added to our roadmap, or the array of partnerships amassed in the last twelve months. They’ve been integral to our success to date, but this year, it’s much bigger than that.

Finally, the revolutionary technology that the team and I have been working tirelessly on since 2018 came to fruition. December 15th marks the first step towards the future of trading: for the first time ever, traders can access centralized liquidity, from exchanges like Binance and KuCoin, without the need to give up their private keys.

This first iteration, as is the case with the launch of any new technology, is limited in comparison to what we will see upon full launch in Q1 next year. It features a handful of pairs, brokers, and exchanges, with many more to be added in the run up to full launch. Despite that, it marks a huge milestone for us in achieving what many initially said wouldn’t be possible.

We are the first to have decentralized access to the major source of liquidity in market, in a huge step towards aggregating the entire market into one platform - made possible through our proprietary staking mechanism Delegated Proof of Broker underpinning our entire ecosystem. 

While this technology is completely unique to us, many will undoubtedly seek to emulate this in the wake of us achieving what no entity in the space has done before. After all, with crypto having been described as “nothing more than a fight for liquidity”, the future lies in aggregation of the industry in its entirety. But as the first and only platform to have achieved the first step towards this, this doesn’t concern us - the development or growth of any new or existing exchange or aggregator will only serve to further the Orion ecosystem. 

Furthermore, we’re astutely aware of the value of strong partnerships in building out our ecosystem, expanding our offering, and ultimately ensuring our sustainability - focusing on infrastructure, security, accessibility, visibility, and more. We’ve been focused on building out our ecosystem through mutually-beneficial integrations with some of the leading projects in crypto, including Elrond, Bitmax, KuCoin, AllianceBlock, Polkastarter, and many more. Beyond the official launch of Orion Terminal in 2021, we’ll be launching a stack of B2B DeFi solutions for businesses in the space, from exchanges to blockchains to crypto projects. 

But ultimately, expansion beyond the existing crypto space is critical for our sustainability as an industry. By solving the fragmentation of the industry through developing the first portal to access the entire crypto in one platform, we’re developing a protocol for bridging together crypto, traditional finance, and real-world assets.

We look forward to the next steps on our journey, and we’re grateful to have the support of tens of thousands of you in building the future of finance. We’re incredibly excited for what 2021 has in store. 

Alexey Koloskov, CEO + Co-Founder of Orion Protocol



Development Milestones (see more)


Partnerships (see more)

1. Partnerships for our Broker Network:

2. Partnerships for infrastructure:

  • Elrond: Orion Terminal will be the first DeFi project build on Elrond's Main Net.

3. Partnerships for security:

  • Aleph.im: all of Orion Protocol’s financial activity stored on aleph.im will benefit from aleph.im’s secured, fully auditable, and trustless infrastructure.
  • Certik: Orion Terminal’s main net is continuously audited by Certik, the leading blockchain security firm, to ensure functionality, automation integrity, and overall security optimization.

4. Partnerships for accessibility:

  • MobiePay: integration with the MobiePay ecosystem allowing ORN to be spendable (online and offline) 500+ top retailers, including Target, Uber, Amazon, and more.
  • PlasmaPay: one of several partners to bring fiat on/off ramp functionality to Orion Terminal, while allowing ORN to be spendable across PlasmaPay’s ecosystem, including Microsoft, Expedia, Shopify, Bloomberg, and more.
  • Alliance Block: industry-first integration aimed at providing traditional finance entities with a singular, compliant, and non-custodial gateway to the entire digital asset market

5. Partnerships for platform growth:

  • Kira Network: decentralized staking of any asset on Orion Terminal (including stable coins, fiat and NFTs),where tokens and their staking derivatives can be both staked and traded at the same time.
  • Dexe Network: industry-first integration aimed at allowing decentralized copying of the best traders’ strategies across every CEX, DEX, and swap pool in the market.
  • Boson Protocol: the first decentralized portal for trading NFTs: cross-trade tokens for NFTs securely connected to the entire crypto market.
  • Bonded Finance: locked and staked ORN tokens will be made available for further yield generation opportunities through Bonded smart contracts. 

6. Partnerships for visibility:

7. Clients for B2B Enterprise Solutions:

  • Chainlink: Orion Oracle client, providing price feeds across the crypto market
  • Bonded Finance: Orion Collateralization client, enabling immediate liquidation of assets
  • Polkastarter: Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin client, providing immediate liquidity
  • MobiePay: Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin client, providing immediate liquidity
  • PlasmaPay: Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin client, providing immediate liquidity


Media Mentions (see more)

Orion Protocol has been featured in key media outlets such as:

And has been featured by prominent YouTubers such as:

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Community Growth.

We're proud to have grown our community across Telegram and Twitter by 1700% this year, from 2,500 community members in 2019 to 45,000 community members and counting.


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