5 Reasons Why Orion Solves Your Crypto Needs

Navigating the world of crypto can be challenging. Managing your security while searching for platforms offering competitive prices and assets becomes a time-consuming chore. Cue Orion, the platform that solves your crypto needs thanks to its exchange aggregator features. 

Allowing for a non-custodial wallet connection and access to a wide variety of CEXs, DEXs and swap pools all in one place, Orion Protocol solves DeFi trading issues through 5 specific areas. Security, access, price, variety of assets, and arbitrage leveraging are core value adds Orion traders benefit from.

Orion gives access to all of the crypto market through a single non-custodial gateway. Use of their own non-custodial wallets allows users to maintain their security without relying on exchanges to safeguard their assets. 

The power of exchange aggregation combined with cross-chain integration allows Orion traders to access the right assets for the best prices while staying on one easy-to-use interface. Combined with a full suite of DeFi automation technology with a proprietary software development kit, and unique liquidity pool access, traders can make smarter decisions and seize unique money-making opportunities.

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The 5 areas where Orion solves your crypto needs  


“Not your keys, not your crypto”. Any crypto enthusiast has heard this saying at least once.  Recent CeFi incidents involving insolvency issues reminded the market of the dangers of custodial wallets. Orion built its platform taking this concern into consideration. When using the protocol’s terminal, users can connect to exchanges (centralized and decentralized) while keeping custody of their assets with their digital wallets.

Through non-custodial wallet integration, Orion allows traders to access and trade their crypto without giving up control of their private keys regardless of policies on any given exchange. The platform’s careful aggregator technology stays independent of protocol, exchange and blockchain-specific risks, fully diversifying its product offering while keeping user security as a foremost priority.


Orion’s wallet integration features deliver just as much ease of access as security. Gone are the days where you needed to create multiple accounts and entrust custodial wallets to CEXs; Orion offers direct digital wallet integration for users to connect to all of its available features with a single wallet. 

Standing on its own as the most advanced decentralized DEX/CEX aggregator, the Orion platform allows retail traders to access the crypto market through one single interface, building a seamless trading experience without the hassle of complying to regional or technical restrictions native to CEXs. This is because Orion uses secure smart contracts, forming a non-custodial foundation for decentralized trading.

With this feature, market participants do not need to spend countless hours hopping from one platform to another, as the protocol provides an ever-growing selection of platforms to trade from one interface. Time spent looking for adequate platforms can now be used to make better trading decisions and choosing the right investment strategies to yield optimal results.

Best Prices

From a price comparison perspective, exchange aggregation allows Orion to provide users the best prices available on the market. Slippage and spreads can be an issue for traders executing multiple trades a day, resulting in often uncontrollable losses.

With the use of the Orion Bridge besides the Orion Terminal, blockchains, protocols and exchanges compete against each other to provide the best bid-ask prices for Orion’s traders. Market participants can enjoy tight spreads and low slippage as every order book integrated from exchanges merges into one with Orion. The platforms’ proprietary smart router proactively chooses in real-time the best prices for assets the users are looking to purchase and sell through the interface. 

Choice of assets

Before Orion, limited asset selections on different exchanges forced traders to engage in platform-hopping, wasting time looking for the right assets at the right prices. Through the constant growth efforts made by the team, Orion’s asset selection expands exponentially as other exchanges and platforms integrate with the protocol. Growth also comes through individual exchanges adding new assets onto their own platform. Aggregation allows Orion to stay relevant with new crypto assets as other platforms grow within themselves.

With a natural, scalable business model, Orion offers a larger selection of assets to users, all the while being able to provide the latest asset classes. With its recent NFT aggregation technology coming in the future, Orion keeps expanding, forming greater value to its users as the platform grows.

Arbitrage opportunities

Providing a wide selection of assets at the best prices possible opens the door to significant arbitrage-leveraging opportunities. Arbitrage is the action of making profits from price discrepancies over different platforms. Without a proper aggregator tool, traders need to find those opportunities manually or test automated trading bots without the guarantee of success. Orion Protocol offers yet another feature that allows users to leverage these opportunities through the technology. 

By tapping into the liquidity of CEXs, DEXs and swap pools, Orion gives access to unique liquidity pools with pairs of currencies never seen before. Additionally, the protocol’s users can implement their own trading bots to leverage arbitrage opportunities through Orion’s very own software development kit (Orion SDK). Coupling the liquidity pools with Orion’s SDK unlocks new potentials to traders in order to yield optimal results.

All your crypto needs in one place

Orion Protocol aims at providing the best trading experience for users, and does so by addressing key issues in the market. Using a non-custodial wallet to connect to CEXs and DEXs considerably minimizes security risks while removing the need to create multiple accounts to access different platforms. 

Orion provides a wide variety of assets, competitive cross-exchange prices and groundbreaking arbitrage-leveraging technologies, giving users a complete DeFi experience. Orion Protocol solves every trader’s crypto needs and will keep doing so as the platform and user base keep growing.

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