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Critical Bugs Fixes: General fixes and improvements based on user feedback are always underway with a series of improvements already being implemented. These include:

  • Resolved the claimed rewards bug that occurred for a handful of users from the Liquidity Mining Migration
  • Updated chart display to remove bugs
  • Improved TrustWallet integration through WalletConnect
  • Resolved the issue with KuCoin’s API feed into the terminal. KuCoin orderbooks are now showing on certain pairs, and this will be rolled out across more pairs on the ETH chain shortly


Third Party Listings: Following the addition of two new pools to Orion Pool, the team is in the final testing stage of the third party listing process for projects and partners to self-list on Orion Pool. We’re on track for self-listing on Orion Pool to go live this month, and look forward to launching with a number of ‘spotlight’ projects on Orion Pool, followed by a continuous stream of listings (from million to billion dollar market cap projects). As there is no KYC or account needed for Orion users, this will allow projects to offer decentralized and global access to their token, while additional pools will result in greater awareness, exposure, volume, pairs, and liquidity for Orion.

Liquidity Sources: Once Orion Pool is live for third parties to self-list on, further liquidity sources will be added into the terminal including the likes of Uniswap and PancakeSwap - deepening liquidity and pairs on Orion Terminal.

Orion Bridge / Chain Integrations: While working on resolving integration of Binance Bridge into the terminal (in the meantime, users can use Binance Bridge externally), the team is currently working on expanding Orion Bridge for interoperability across upcoming chain integrations.

Stablecoin: The work on Orion’s stablecoin USDo continues, with detailed documentation to be released ahead of launch covering key areas (collateralization, liquidation, utility, etc.) and queries raised by the community. 

User Experience: In an effort to continually optimize and improve the user experience on Orion Terminal, we are currently working on a number of updates to be deployed:

  • Removal of additional ‘deposit’ step when trading
  • Enabling a wider array of assets to be used for fees
  • Adding a 'compound' feature for governance stakers to easily compound their earnings
  • Display fee + reward breakdown within pool earnings
  • V2 of Orion's statistic dashboard will soon be live, showing additional trading metrics
  • Creation of a ‘known bugs/issues’ feature is underway 

Technical Support: We are currently testing the new ‘helpdesk’ integration into the terminal to aid users with their queries, resulting in a secure and dedicated technical support desk directly from the Terminal interface, operating on a ticket-based system. This will:

  • Protect users from bad actors on social media posing as team members
  • Streamline support for more effective management of queries and issues

Team Expansion: The development team continues to expand, with a significant number of new internal developers onboarded, alongside developers through agencies working on project-specific tasks. The development team structure is being continually optimized to focus on our key priorities: volume, infrastructure, and new features. Meanwhile, new hires have been made across marketing and business development, and we’re expanding further.

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