OKX joins as Power Exchange on Orion

Orion Protocol’s development as the most advanced liquidity aggregator in market continues as it enables decentralized access to OKX, one of the top centralized crypto exchanges, adding deep liquidity to Orion’s order books through 50+ assets. OKX joins an elite rank of exchanges to collaborate with Orion to decentralize their exchange liquidity. 

Orion Protocol is building the decentralized gateway to the crypto market as the first, and only, platform to provide cross-chain access to CEXs, DEXs, and swap pools in one non-custodial platform. On Orion Terminal, Orion’s flagship solution, users connect their wallet and trade across multiple chains and exchanges (centralized and decentralized) in one place. Orion Terminal enables access to the best price for an asset across any connected chain or exchange, and opens up a wealth of unique arbitrage opportunities, whilst proudly enabling true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation for the first time.

OKX HS Asset-1

OKX is one of the leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges for daily volume (~ $1bn - $10bn), providing innovative crypto services to its users. It aims to provide everything for traders when it comes to trading and investing, including hundreds of crypto assets and trading pairs. The exchange provides a service for millions of users in over 100 countries and offers trading functionality including spot, margin, futures, options, and more.

The integration opens up decentralized access to OKX’s order books for the first time, meaning users can trade with the liquidity of one of the largest centralized exchanges directly from their own wallet. Via this revolutionary addition from Orion, users no longer need an account to trade OKX’s liquidity. Instead, users always have access to their own assets without having to lose custody of their tokens by holding them on a centralized exchange.

By being a Power Exchange on the Orion Network, OKX opens up a wealth of new decentralized users to their order books. This allows the exchange to tap into additional revenue streams from active decentralized traders, and grow those revenues as Orion expands. Instead of Orion taking away users from exchanges like OKX, Orion provides another point of access to its liquidity in a non-custodial way, benefiting both users and projects alike.

Availability to access OKX liquidity is now possible without needing to sign up and give away any personal details. Users of Orion Terminal connect their own wallets to perform trades in a decentralized manner, ensuring custody of crypto assets remains with the user, not a controlling third-party.

OKX’s integration brings a wealth of new assets, with over 20 new tokens being added, plus enriched liquidity by bolstering 30+ current assets, giving deeper aggregation and better value for users.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to work with Orion. They have demonstrated tremendous market traction in a very short period of time, and their keen focus on simplifying the user experience in the crypto space will continue to add value to the decentralized ecosystem.” - Lennix Lai, Managing Director at OKX

”We are thrilled to have OKX’s liquidity available on Orion as it is one of the largest centralized exchanges in blockchain with huge daily volumes. Integrating OKX into Orion brings that depth of liquidity to our decentralized traders and drives significant growth opportunities for Orion Protocol and OKX. We are delighted to partner with such an innovative team.” - Alexey Koloskov, CEO of Orion Protocol

For Orion Terminal and OKX users, this means decentralized access to OKX directly from their wallet, with no account needed.

  • For Orion, this further deepens liquidity sources, tightens spreads, increases volume, and is a huge milestone towards the goal of aggregating the entire market.
  • For OKX, this enables them to take part in the world of DeFi, tapping into a growing user base of traders looking for decentralized alternatives. Rather than losing market share to DEXs, this provides another point of access to their liquidity. Instead of exchanges having to build their own DEX, this enables them to do so seamlessly, decentralizing their liquidity without any additional effort, development, or costs.

The onboarding of OKX as a Power Exchange marks another milestone for Orion Protocol as it continues to build the decentralized gateway to the crypto market - across asset types, exchanges, and blockchains.


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