Meet Victoria VR: the first Orion SolarFlare.

Guaranteed access to Victoria VR’s IDO: only by holding ORN. Take part here.

Orion SolarFlare is the DeFi launch solution unlocking IDO access exclusively for ORN holders. The first SolarFlare on Orion Terminal is Victoria VR: the world’s first realistic Metaverse. Built on Unreal Engine, created and owned by users. The whole world is built to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications, collectively creating a Metaverse — a shared virtual realm, the 3D internet.

In the Victoria VR World, there will be games, quests, never-ending adventure, virtual galleries, and The Big Market VR where you can exchange NFTs in 3D. Users will be rewarded for each of their activities in the VR world. Victoria VR is building a new Metaverse of multi-dimensional interactions where users will be able to immerse themselves interactively with never-ending digital content. The Victoria VR Metaverse will be where people go to work, rest, learn, play and eventually live.

The Victoria VR IDO is now closed.



  • ‘Unreal’ technology: using the best combination of several newly created industry technologies, refined by their own tech expertise, including Unreal Engine, Blender, Houdini, and Rokoko. All the technology used by Victoria VR is customized by DELL in accordance with Unreal Engine. Victoria VR has a unique solution to connect all virtual worlds and platforms together.
  • Unparalleled Graphics: Victoria VR will have realistic graphics rendered with the latest Unreal Engine, giving the ultimate VR experience. A unique solution to create special effects.
  • Tokenomics: Play-2-Earn: a never-ending motivating economy that rewards active users and stakers.
  • The Quest System: users are motivated to return to Victoria VR. The system is fully algorithmical, so Victoria VR will continue to live on without its original creators.
  • New Combat System: Revolutionary new VR combat system, created in-house by Victoria VR
  • NFT Revolution: users can Create, Modify and Combine NFT’s. Creators can showcase and sell digital artwork in the NFT Gallery. NFTs can be securely traded in The Big Market VR - a 3D NFT Marketplace.
  • Future-proof: thanks to their unique server solution, the World of Victoria VR server is fully upgradable and scalable. The DAO gives control of the future evolution of Victoria VR to the people who create and play in this virtual space, its users, who will be in control of the policies that determine how the world behaves.
  • Largest Number Of Use-Cases: appeals to a wide audience of business and leisure users. Commercial Partnerships, Entertainment, New Business Models.
  • Professional Freedom: architects, designers, artists etc. can freely express their innovative ideas without real-world limitations and constraints.

Tokenomics Overview


Victoria VR is an ever-expanding DAO and the Victoria VR token is used to govern it, creating an endless motivating economy rewarding active users and stakers. Users are rewarded for their activities (completing quests, playing minigames, exploring the world, creating, building etc.). It's a Play-2-Earn model, but the future vision is to grow this into a Live-2-Earn model, creating a huge world where people will work, rest, learn, play, and eventually live. The VR token can also be used to purchase VR lands. 

Victoria VR has their own in-game blockchain solution to ensure transactions have absolutely the highest speed and lowest fees, while not being slowed down by other games or dApps.  There are also bridges to ETH and BSC Networks, and others in the future. 

The staking program featured in Victoria VR offers 20% APY. Furthermore, 50% from everything earned by Victoria VR for selling assets in-game goes back to the rewards pool, ensuring the rewards pool is bottomless and the motivating economy never-ending. Ahead of the launch of Dynamic Staking, VR farming will be exclusively available on Orion Terminal from December 6th. 

Ticker: VR | ERC20
Token Supply: 16,800,000,000
Project Valuation: $49,560,000
Initial Circulation: 676,997,200
Initial Market Cap: $1,967,142
SolarFlare Allocation: $50,000
SolarFlare Tokens: 16,949,152
Starting price: $0.00295


The Victoria VR SolarFlare is now closed. Learn how it worked below.

  • Send ORN to the Victoria VR address below within the Eclipse period.
    ORN must be sent from your own wallet (and not a centralized exchange).

    There’s no minimum or maximum amount to participate.

    ORN sent to the Victoria VR address can be ETH or BSC.
    Once transferred, the transaction cannot be reversed.
    Allocation is guaranteed.
  • Eclipse ended early (11.59pm ET | Nov 29th)
    Allocation ratio will be dependent on the amount committed to the pool by ORN holders. E.g. If $100,000 of ORN is committed to the pool, $1 worth of VVR will be allocated per $2 worth of ORN committed. The final allocation ratio will be confirmed shortly.
  • IDO participants receive 10% of tokens December 2nd.
    12 month vesting: 10% initial, 2 month cliff, remaining monthly (9 months).
  • All ORN committed will be sent to the removal contract and permanently removed from circulation quarterly.


    Orion Farming
    Time: January 2022.
    Allocation: 1,000 VR Lands.
    Date of purchase: 5th February 2022.

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