Leading Market Maker AcheronTrading joins Orion Protocol as a Broker and Partner.

Following Orion's recent partnership with BitMax, leading market maker AcheronTrading is the second Broker to be announced on the Orion Protocol Network, in a series of upcoming partnerships with exchanges, OTC desks, and market makers ahead of Main Net launch in Q3. AcheronTrading joins Orion Protocol as both a broker and a partner to provide liquidity, monetize idle assets, and improve operational efficiencies for both entities.

Governing Orion Protocol is the proprietary staking mechanism Delegated Proof of Broker, fulfilling every function via a decentralized brokerage with Orion's ORN token at its core. The decentralized brokerage comprises of a network of third-party brokers chosen to carry out all transactions on the platform. Brokers run Orion Broker Software, automatically executing trades routed from Orion's liquidity aggregator.

Market makers such as AcheronTrading already carry an inventory of digital assets on exchanges globally, making both exchanges and market makers the most synergistic partners to be brokers. As such these relationships have a direct impact on the utility for Orion's users, with each broker adding liquidity to the network.

AcheronTrading saw a partnership with Orion as an innovative and lucrative opportunity for both increasing revenue and operational efficiency. As a broker on the Orion Network, AcheronTrading will be both providing liquidity and monetizing idle assets. As a partner, AcheronTrading will be one of the first to deploy algorithmic trading bots on top of Orion's aggregated order books, while working with Orion to optimize Orion Terminal's interface and features for serious traders.

"The digital asset exchange industry is so fragmented, it was only a matter of time before someone built an aggregator to trade a consolidated orderbook. Orion went one step further, making it non-custodial for the end-user. As a market maker, I can see how powerful this product is. When asked if we would like to be a broker, we didn't have to think twice. The efficiency unlocked by this protocol is boundless. We can't wait to play our part." - Wes Pryor, Founder of AcheronTrading



About AcheronTrading

Registered in Singapore, AcheronTrading is a designated market maker which provides liquidity and advisory services to digital asset issuers on exchanges worldwide. It is the company's belief that market inefficiency is one of the main factors preventing digital assets from achieving mass adoption. As such, our focus is to construct and to provide liquidity services for digital assets from the most incipient stages and throughout their adoption cycle. We are dedicated to providing services free from conflicts of interest, and transparency first.

The business of AcheronTrading is managed by a multidisciplinary team with alumni from top tier companies such as Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Macquarie Bank with offices in the United States and Europe.


About Orion Protocol

Built on the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed, Orion Protocol solves some of the largest issues in DeFi by aggregating the liquidity of the entire crypto market into one decentralized platform.

This underpins each solution built on the protocol, including revolutionary trading solution Orion Terminal - aggregating the liquidity of the entire crypto market on one decentralized platform - as well as a suite of enterprise solutions for blockchains, exchanges, and crypto projects. Their roadmap also includes a price oracle and a high-margin DEX.

Orion has ensured deep utility of its native ORN token across the entire protocol, integrating it into all main transactions to take the form of an internal currency or utility token.

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