Orion Protocol Ambassador Program

Building on Orion HUB, we're launching our own internal program. We are establishing an Ambassador Program to help us on our mission to promote awareness and educate the broader community about Orion Protocol: the global, decentralized gateway to the digital asset market.

Who are we looking for?

There are many ways to contribute as an Orion Protocol Ambassador and to the overall mission of Orion Protocol. In addition to becoming representatives for your region, we are looking for people who can be Community Moderators, Content Creators, Translators, Social Media Influencers, as well as general Social Media evangelists, among other roles. You could be a fit for one or more roles, choosing the activities and tasks that best suit you, while also developing your own personal brand and identity as an Orion Protocol Ambassador within the crypto and blockchain space.

  • Content Creators — will create engaging or educational content, which could be written or in the form of graphic design (i.e. gifs/memes, general graphics), video (i.e. YouTube, TikTok), or audio (i.e. podcasts), among others.
  • Community Moderators — will establish, lead and moderate local community groups over Telegram, Twitter etc.
  • Translators — will help translate Orion Protocol’s content into other languages.
  • Social Media Influencers — Expanding Orion Protocol’s influence on social media (Twitter/Telegram/Medium/YouTube), conducting campaigns and activities both online and offline to expand Orion Protocol. Exploring potential strategic partnerships with projects and individuals.

*Specifics and more details will be shared with the ambassadors shortly.


What You Will Receive

All Orion Protocol Ambassadors will have access to the following rewards and benefits:

  • Direct lines to the Orion Protocol core team through a dedicated invite-only Ambassador Telegram group.
  • Exclusive invitations to software previews, and access to our Core Team members for interviews before releases.
  • Exclusive Orion Protocol merchandise.
  • $ORN token rewards, depending on Ambassador’s activity and results.

Evaluation of the ambassador's work

  • Ambassadors will receive points for their input. This will include community administration, social media promotion, articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, translations etc.
  • Not only does the number of activities matter but also their quality and the audience reached.
  • Once a month the ambassador submits a report via the web form.
  • Each month the points will be counted and active ambassadors will share in a compensation pool of $ORN tokens. The size of the pool will be specified after all applications have been evaluated.

What steps need to be taken?

  • Please fill out the Application form below.
  • Once we receive your response, your application will be under review by core team members.
  • After the reviewing process, qualified individuals will be contacted directly with further instructions.

Join the team in building the future of finance.

Ambassador application form.