XTZ + INCH added to Orion Terminal

The results of our fifth token vote are in: the new assets that will be added to Orion Terminal are XTZ and INCH. Tezos' XTZ will be added to the Terminal on Binance Smart Chain, while 1Inch's INCH will be added on Ethereum. With the addition of two new tradable assets to the terminal, the total number of assets comes to 43, with 886 tradable pairs.


Let the next vote begin!

Next up on ETH: FTM, BLZ, REQ
Next up on BSC: NEAR, CELR, PERL

Vote here.


It's important to note that there's a lot more to our token / pair onboarding than there is for a traditional exchange. This technology is completely unique, and so we want to be sure we have stress tested every single token we add - as well as every single possible trade of that token with every other token. Naturally, this process will speed up and become more automated over time. We will have two methods of adding new tokens to the terminal in order to accelerate pair growth:

  • High Volume Assets: We will be adding pairs periodically based on several factors including availability, liquidity, and volume.
  • Popular Assets: Alongside adding pairs ourselves, we’re developing an on-chain voting mechanism in order to add new pairs to the terminal. In the meantime, we’ll be hosting voting below.
    • There will be weekly voting on select assets for BSC and ETH
    • The top voted assets on each chain will be added the following Monday
    • This results in two new assets per week, leading to many more pairs on Orion Swap
    • This process will continue for new tokens and chain integrations
    • We'll be adding assets periodically in addition to the voting

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