From listings on some of the biggest exchanges in the world, to product launches, new pools, spotlights, community growth, integration announcements, and more, it's been another busy month at Orion. We'll let the numbers do the talking:

  • 7 exchange listings
    Including Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Crypto.com, Bitcoin.com, and more
  • 21 media mentions
    Including CoinTelegraph, Business Insider, BTC Manager, Coinspeaker, and more
  • Launch of Orion Pool V2
    Enabling any project to list any token on Orion Terminal via liquidity pools (initially prioritizing partners and spotlight projects)
  • 9 Spotlighted projects
    Including Fantom, Holochain, COTI, DAO Maker, and more
  • 50 pools (with APRs up to 327%)
    Including HOT, FTM, GOVI, FEAR, and more
  • 31 new assets on the terminal (totaling 76 assets)
    Including EGLD, MIST, CAKE, SUPER, DLTA, and more
  • Deeper integrations
    Including CVI integration, Holochain server hosting, and funneling incubated projects to Orion Pool via DAO Maker
  • Significant community growth
    +119% community engagement
    +69% social volume
    +19% community growth
  • $50m DTV reached


With even more to come, we’ve had an incredible month in regards to listings on some of the biggest exchanges g, including:


Launch of Orion Pool V2

Orion Pool V2 launched on Tuesday, August 3rd. This move marked the next stage for Orion ahead of the integration of swaps, DEXs, and CEXs: expanding assets and volume on the terminal significantly. 

With this launch, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform to enable decentralized access to centralized and decentralized liquidity sources in one place. Users can seamlessly trade across Orion Pool, CEXs, and DEXs directly from their wallet (without KYC and regardless of jurisdiction), and the order will always be routed to the liquidity source with the best price.



Spotlighted projects

We’ve seen incredible success with our ‘Spotlight’ projects on Orion Pool - from million to billion dollar market cap projects, each with farming (both ORN and native) enabled:

  • FTMday: FTM/USDT (207% APR)
  • HOTday: HOT/USDT (10% APR)
  • INJday: INJ/USDT (38% APR)
  • COTIday: COTI/BNB (31% APR) GOVI/ETH (25% APR)
  • DAOday: FEAR/USDT (327% APR), XCAD/USDT (312% APR), LSS/USDT (182% APR)

Demand for spotlighting continues, with an exciting roster of projects to come!



50 new pools

#CommunityDay allowed community members to create a pool for any asset, with 42 community pools created in 24 hours. Any token listed on Orion Pool paired with USDT results in a listing on Orion Terminal - driving visibility and accessibility for the community’s favorite assets.

The community pools with the highest liquidity unlocked farming on top of the 0.3% pool fees:

Ahead of opening up Orion Pool shortly for any individual or project to ‘self-list’, who’s ready for another #CommunityDay?



31 new assets

Across spotlighting and community day, 31 new assets were added to Orion Terminal or Orion Swap, including: IOTX, EGLD, AVA, HOT, INJ, GOVI, DAO, XCAD, FEAR, LSS, MIST, BRIDGE, DLTA, LANC, CAKE, HOTCROSS, and more.



Deeper integrations

Orion has continued to evolve existing partnerships in order to maximize the potential performance, increasing synergies and new methods of integration. New areas of integration have been announced with several key partners: this month, including:

  • Holochain: Hosting Orion Terminal on Holochain servers
  • COTI: Integrating the CVI Crypto Volatility Index widget into Orion Terminal
  • DAO Maker: Driving incubated projects to Orion Pool for listing


Significant community growth

Over the course of the last month, social volume and engagement has grown significantly, and we’re incredibly excited to have grown our community in a short space of time. 

Community engagement included a trading competition, CommunityDay, ‘Battle of the Pools’, Spotlights, Learn and Earns, and more, resulting in:

  • 119% growth in social engagement (31k posts)
  • 69% growth in social volume (61m impressions)
  • 19% growth in community membership across Twitter, Telegram, Blockfolio, Reddit, and YouTube (totaling 135k members)



21 Media Mentions

This month, we’ve been featured across several major news sources, including Coin Telegraph, Business Insider, CoinSpeaker, BTC Manager, News BTC, and more:


$50m DTV reached

Orion Terminal’s daily transactional volume hit $50m this month - a new record. But we’re just getting started, and there’s a lot more in store to drive users and volume to the terminal.




What’s next?

  • Orion Terminal V2
  • Fiat on/off ramp
  • Swap pool, DEX + CEX integrations
  • Chain integrations
  • Orion ‘rebrand’
  • New solutions

More partnerships, more liquidity, and more volume.

Stay updated with Orion Protocol.