Let the Battle Of The Pools begin...

Orion is building the decentralized gateway to the digital asset market: Orion Terminal is the first to enable trading across CEXs, DEXs, and swap pools into one decentralized platform.

Orion's AMM solution, Orion Pool, enables any project/individual to list any token on Orion Terminal via liquidity pools. Users can seamlessly trade across Orion Pool, CEXs, and DEXs directly from their wallet (without KYC and regardless of jurisdiction), and the order will always be routed to the liquidity source with the best price.

We’ve been ‘gatekeeping’ the onboarding of assets to focus on spotlights and partners, with the next Spotlight coming up shortly. However, during Community Day, we approved community-created liquidity pools to allow you to add your favorite assets to Orion Terminal. Soon, this will be a standard feature, allowing any project or asset to create a pool and add assets to Orion Terminal via Orion Pool.

Across Community Day, you added 42 pools to Orion Pool, resulting in 27 brand new assets on Orion Terminal. So, what's next?

Let's add liquidity to these pools. Any new asset created via a pool will become a permanent asset on Orion. The higher the liquidity, the better functionality of the asset across Orion Terminal for trading and swapping.

  • Paired with USDT: available on Orion Swap, Orion Pool + Orion Terminal (limit orders, complex charting, trade across CEX + DEX where available, arbitrage, etc)
  • Paired with another asset: available on Orion Swap (complex swap with any other asset) + Orion Pool

It's time for Battle Of The Pools.

Which pools should have farming enabled? You decide.

The community pools (listed below) with most liquidity added by 12pm ET August 20th will have farming enabled, allowing you to earn farming rewards in ORN on top of the 0.3% pool fees, while dictating the APR through governance voting.

Let the battle commence - the strongest community wins!

Learn how to add liquidity below.


Community Pools


How to add liquidity to your favorite pool

1. Go to trade.orionprotocol.io/pools 

2. Click on your chosen pool.

3. Click 'Add liquidity and get LP tokens'.

4. Input the amount of matched assets you would like to provide.

5. Click 'Supply', then click 'Approve' in your wallet.

Your liquidity has been added to the pool! You will now earn 0.3% in pool fees.


Should your chosen pool have the most liquidity by the end of the campaign at 12pm ET August 20th, governance voting and farming will be enabled, allowing pool participants to vote for and influence the APR for farming rewards.


Learn more about both below:

How to stake Gov THUMBNAIL

Learn how to become a Governance Staker.

How to stake LP THUMBNAIL

Learn how to become a Liquidity Provider.


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