AI Assistant Bonsai to build on Orion Protocol to make digital assets accessible to everyone.

Bonsai is an AI financial assistant that simplifies the process of buying, selling, sending, and receiving digital assets by allowing orders to be made via text or even voice commands. Bonsai will be built on Orion Protocol, allowing for fast, convenient management of user assets across the crypto market (including cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities). Only ORN holders will be able to participate in Bonsai’s upcoming IDO.

Orion Protocol, the decentralized gateway to the crypto market, is solving three main barriers to widespread adoption of the crypto market: fragmentation, liquidity, and centralization. While Orion Protocol has built an intuitive interface for flagship product Orion Terminal (including a simple swap), there’s still an element of understanding that is expected in order to trade. 

It is often said that crypto will have succeeded in market penetration once it becomes such a utility that anyone hardly realizes they are actually using it. Yet the learning curve of crypto is steep: even some of the most user friendly exchanges can be alienating to beginners, becoming the largest barrier to mainstream adoption. To a beginner digital asset owner, even setting up an exchange account can be difficult, and using and maintaining a wallet address and private keys can be daunting. Losing the private key or mistyping an address could result in permanent loss of the asset. 

So what if someone built, on the protocol that will connect an end user to the entire digital asset market, an AI assistant? One that allows users to buy, sell, send, and receive digital assets, including NFTs, stocks, commodities, through text or even voice messaging?

Enter Bonsai: an AI financial assistant built upon the decentralized gateway to the crypto market. Bonsai will sit above Orion Protocol’s entire ecosystem, allowing for fast, convenient management of assets across the whole market. With upcoming integrations, this will include cryptocurrencies as well as stocks and commodities. 

Bonsai’s wallet naming service is capable of handling asset transfers directly using only a name or username (e.g. @kalali), reducing friction by replacing lengthy wallet addresses containing a string of random characters. The tool also promises to decrease irreversible transfers, which can occur when users mistype an address when dispatching funds from their wallet.

The assistant simplifies the process of buying, selling, sending, and receiving digital assets, including NFTs, by allowing orders to be made via text or even voice commands. Users can send voice commands to Bonsai such as “I want to buy $100 of ORN from my bank account” and the action will be automatically executed on their behalf. The AI assistant has been designed to interpret voice and text commands, produce the transaction details for confirmation, and then execute the order at the best possible price. In addition to tapping into the leading source of liquidity for super-fast transactions, including small cap altcoins, the AI assistant is capable of responding to voice queries relating to a broad range of subjects including cryptocurrency volume, sports results, and even weather forecasts.

No exchange account is required to interact with the AI-powered crypto trading service. With Bonsai, users can log into their wallets the same way they do an email account using a password. Once logged in, they can then command the AI assistant to buy certain tokens using funds in their wallet or wallet-linked bank account.

“Hey Bonsai, I want to earn interest on all of the tokens in my wallet.” Bonsai will use Orion's (and partners) tech to allow for users to purchase NFTs at best price, subscribe to the most effective and cost efficient insurance, and even earn high interest yields.

Bonsai will soon be conducting a IDO that will be exclusive to ORN holders. Sign up below to be notified.  Website | Telegram | Twitter


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