Orion Protocol Announces Innovation Sponsorship of Blockchain Revolution Global summit.

Bringing together the foremost leaders, experts, innovators, and builders from across the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is just one week away!

Don Tapscott, Co-Founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, will be opening the Summit with a talk entitled: The Pandemic Meets the Digital Age: 10 Transformations Towards a New Social Contract.

As a Pioneer Partner of the Blockchain Research Institute, Orion Protocol will concentrate on leveraging BRI memberships for enterprise partnerships, designing and executing research projects within the blockchain space, and using the BRG Summit as a platform to reach a truly global audience of enterprises and consumers.

Orion Protocol will be hosting an hour session at the summit on October 27 at 2pm UTC.

  • Timothea Horwell, CMO of Orion Protocol, will hold a 20 minute presentation on ‘Trading in a Tokenized Future’.
  • Following the presentation, Timothea will be hosting a 30 minute panel with key partners to discuss the barriers to adoption of a ‘tokenized future’, including fragmentation, security, and compliance and regulation. Expect some key announcements to be made!
  • Finally, the panel participants will engage in a 10 minute Q+A with conference attendees.

“The financial sector is ripe for disruption in this second era of the internet, paving the way for new models of decentralized finance,” added Don Tapscott, BRI co-founder and executive chairman. “We’re always pleased to work with companies like Orion Protocol, who are standing at the forefront of innovation in these emerging markets.”.

Orion Protocol will be joining speakers from across the global blockchain ecosystem at BRG 2020, including FedEx President & COO Raj Subramaniam, and FedEx CIO Rob Carter. 

Overall, the event will feature presentations from global organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Procter & Gamble, HSBC, ANZ Bank, WeTrade, World Trade Organization, World Bank Group, UNICEF, Microsoft, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, INSEAD, Everledger, ConsenSys Health, and many more. With a focus on blockchain transformation in the enterprise and in society, the conference will also cover topics very relevant to the US election taking place the following week.

If you want the chance to virtually attend Blockchain Revolution Global 2020 #BRG2020, the first truly worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain, we’re offering the chance to win 1 VIP pass and 5 general passes.

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