Orion Protocol partners with Blockchain Research Institute

Orion Protocol, the defi platform building B2B and B2C solutions on an advanced liquidity aggregator, has partnered with the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). In signing an agreement with the world’s largest independent blockchain think tank, Orion Protocol aims to extend its influence beyond the crypto space. 

As a Pioneer Partner, Orion Protocol will concentrate on designing and executing research projects within the blockchain space. It will also seek to leverage BRI memberships for enterprise partnerships. 

The Blockchain Research Institute has conducted countless research projects in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, energy and resources, technology, healthcare and government, and has previously partnered with leading enterprises, NGOs, governments and academic institutions.

“The Blockchain Research Institute is home to some of the brightest minds in the industry, and it’s a privilege to partner with them,” said Alexey Koloskov, Chief Executive Officer of Orion Protocol. 

“The blockchain revolution is not slowing down, and BRI are primely positioned to be a driver of change due to their influence with private and public-sector leaders, including policy makers. This partnership will give Orion an opportunity to expand into diverse new markets, and to make a major contribution to BRI’s cross-industry solutions. Through visibility, connections, and support, we’re taking another important step towards building a sustainable future of crypto.”

“The financial sector is ripe for disruption in this second era of the internet, paving the way for new models of decentralized finance,” added Don Tapscott, BRI co-founder and executive chairman. “We’re always pleased to work with companies like Orion Protocol, who are standing at the forefront of innovation in these emerging markets.”

Orion Protocol is set to be a fixture at the Blockchain Revolution Global conference (October 26-30), having secured a 15-minute speaking slot and 45-minute panel participation with industry leaders. Don Tapscott will also be speaking at the event in Toronto.


About Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of the entire crypto market into one decentralized platform, and represents a non-custodial gateway to crypto for traders throughout the world.With the ORN token at its core, Orion has developed 13 different revenue streams across its stack of solutions.

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About Blockchain Research Institute

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is an independent global think-tank, co-founded by Don and Alex Tapscott. It brings together the world's top global researchers to undertake ground-breaking research on blockchain technology.


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