CertiK has almost completed full-scale audit of Orion’s Main Net Pre-Staking

Orion recently announced Main Net Pre-Staking, combining two existing forms of pre-staking on Orion Terminal. Leading auditing firm CertiK has almost completed a full-scale security audit of Orion’s code to ensure full functionality, stability, and security for stakers ahead of launch.

With Orion’s Main Net Pre-Staking, ORN token holders will be able enjoy staking rewards, governance, and added utility directly from the Terminal, without losing custody of their ORN. This allows LPs and traders to benefit from a single UI for swapping, adding/removing liquidity, staking, and governance voting.

Orion’s Liquidity Mining Program on Uniswap will migrate to Orion Terminal upon the launch of Orion Pool, boasting higher rewards compared to the Liquidity Mining rewards currently on Uniswap. Liquidity Providers on the Terminal will receive Liquidity Mining rewards spread between the multiple ORN pools on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BTC, ORN/BNB). Alongside liquidity providers, Orion is adding Governance Stakers as ‘simple stakers’ to replace existing CEX pre-staking, allowing stakers to ‘vote’ on the pool to receive rewards.

With the increase of TVL on Orion Terminal that will come with Main Net Pre-Staking, security of users' assets is of utmost importance to Orion. Leading blockchain auditing firm Certik is well underway with a full-scale security audit of Orion’s code for Main Net Pre-Staking to ensure full functionality, stability, and security for stakers. This audit will very soon be completed for Main Net Pre-Staking launch.

Open-source software on the respective brokers’ side has been fully audited in addition to Orion Protocol’s domestic code to ensure the stability of the Terminal’s network and assure users that everything connected to Orion Protocol’s tools, including but not limited to Orion Terminal, is safe to use under all circumstances. 

Furthermore, every project built on Orion will be referred to CertiK for security auditing, improving the integrity of Orion’s broader ecosystem, making sure they are in accordance with modern security standards, as well as in a position to seamlessly interact with Orion smart contracts.

The leading auditing firm has serviced hundreds of clients with high-quality auditing and consulting services, ranging from Binance, Tera, Kava, and e-Money, to Fetch.ai, Akropolis, Bancor, Shapeshift, and Blockstack, to mention a few.  Orion has joined forces with CertiK in order to create an automatic safety verification tool to assess third party products interacting with Orion’s codebase in real-time. CertiK has been providing the Orion team with additional information, commentary, and consultation to ensure Orion Terminal’s and other native services’ security is always ahead of the trending curve.

“Security is undeniably Orion Protocol’s top priority and we’re happy they’re loud about it. CertiK’s top-shelf engineers are working hard to make sure Orion Protocol gets the best out of our partnership” - Yvan Nasr, Global Head of Professional Services at CertiK

  • Initially, Orion Pool will launch four ORN pools: ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BTC, and ORN/BNB. 
  • Orion Pool will be compatible with ETH and BSC, allowing flexible and profitable participation in the liquidity pool for LPs and traders alike.
  • Orion Pool’s interface will be fully integrated into the Terminal. This allows LPs and traders to benefit from a single UI for swapping, adding/removing liquidity, staking, and governance voting.
  • Orion Pool fees will be 0.3%, with ⅔ going towards LPs, and ⅓ going towards ORN Governance Stakers.
  • The interface will also include a dashboard for LPs to add/remove liquidity, along with ORN Governance Stakers to vote for specific pools and future assets on the Terminal.
  • Soon, third party pools will be launched, with MIST, FTM, and POLX already announced, and more to come.

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About Certik

CertiK is a technology-led blockchain security company built to prove the security and correctness of smart contracts and blockchain protocols. CertiK’s mission of every audit is to apply different approaches and detection methods, ranging from manual, static, and dynamic analyses to ensure that the project is checked against known attacks and potential vulnerabilities. CertiK leverages a team of seasoned engineers and security auditors to apply cutting edge testing and verification methods on each project, contributing to a more secure and robust software system. 


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