Answering all Your Questions: Orion Community AMA

We understand that you have numerous questions about Orion's future developments. To address these and provide clarity, we've organized a Community Ask Me Anything (AMA) session! This session will cover topics like the Whitelabel DEX, our integration with Fantom, updates about our mobile app, and a lot more.

Don't miss this chance to get all your questions answered! Join the AMA session and learn more about different aspects of Orion.

• Whitelabel DEX
• Fantom integration
• Token circulating supply
• Number of devs working
• Mobile app
• Stop loss
• Futures trading
• More tokens, more CEX-liquid pairs
• UI refresh
• Volume
• NFT aggregator
• Staking calculator
• Why staking rewards are manually added
• SolarFlare

Key Points:

  • An informal Q&A session with the Orion Team.
  • Get a better understanding of the Whitelabel DEX progress.
  • Learn about our integration with Fantom.
  • Get updates about our mobile app and its improved user interface.
  • Get answers to any questions you have about our future road map.

We want the community to be informed and engaged with Orion's progress. Join us for our Community AMA session and learn more about what we're building at Orion!

📢 Orion Community AMA
🗓️ Sept 1st
📍 Orion Telegram

See you there!



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