becomes a Broker (Node Validator) on the Orion Network, enabling decentralized access to liquidity on Orion Terminal., joins as a Broker (Node Validator) on the Orion Network, bringing the liquidity generated by 10m+ users and 100+ cryptocurrencies to Orion Terminal.

Orion Protocol is building the decentralized and global gateway to the digital asset market, aggregating the liquidity, order book depth, and price discovery from all major centralized and decentralized digital asset markets into one place, Orion Terminal.

Governing Orion Protocol is the proprietary staking mechanism Delegated Proof of Broker, fulfilling every function via a Decentralized Brokerage, with a network of third-party Brokers (including Injective, AscendEX (BitMax), KuCoin, MXC, and now chosen to carry out all transactions on the platform, with the ORN token at its core. Through this proprietary governance mechanism, Orion is the only platform in the world providing global and decentralized access to centralized liquidity sources - directly from users' wallets. Rather than taking users away from exchanges like, Orion is providing another point of access to their liquidity, in a non-custodial way - particularly fruitful for CEXes wanting to transcend into the DeFi space. is the world’s fastest growing Crypto App, where over ten million users currently have access to over one hundred cryptocurrencies. A deep selection of products such as the App, Visa cards, and Crypto Earn, amongst others, puts the power of DeFi in your hands. In joining as a Node Operator, will deepen the Orion ecosystem with incredible liquidity. Orion traders will gain access to a wealth of new volume which further tightens the already razor sharp spreads and minimal slippage due to Orion’s aggregation of CEXs, DEXs and swap pools. It also opens up even more lucrative arbitrage opportunities for any trader.

  • For users, this means decentralized access to directly from their wallet, enabling users to trade using the liquidity of the fastest growing crypto app on Orion Terminal.
  • For Orion, this further deepens liquidity sources, tightens spreads, increases volume, and is a huge milestone towards the goal of aggregating the entire market.
  • For, this enables them to participate in the world of DeFi, tapping into a growing user base of traders looking for decentralized alternatives. Rather than losing market share to DEXs, this provides another point of access to their liquidity. Rather than having to build their own DEX, this enables them to do so seamlessly, decentralizing their liquidity without any additional effort, development, or costs. saw becoming a Broker / Node Validator on Orion as being an excellent point of expansion for their already vast crypto empire.  It provides additional revenue through transaction fees while generating even greater growth for both projects. With Orion and combining resources, users can enjoy more liquidity, more access to the most popular assets, as well as lucrative arbitrage opportunities. Users always connect their own wallet, with no account or KYC needed on Orion Terminal.

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