Cryptomendo joins as latest Orion Swap Widget partner

Orion Protocol announces Cryptomendo, a cryptocurrency research and information outlet, as the latest official partner to use Orion Swap Widget on their website. The integration provides Cryptomendo and its users with substantial liquidity and easy access to trade crypto assets directly from the Cryptomendo site with the user’s own wallet via Orion Swap Widget.

Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of CEXs, DEXs and swap pools into one decentralized place, providing a decentralized and universal gateway to the crypto market. Its Enterprise Solutions for crypto projects, blockchains, websites, and exchanges built on the protocol include Orion Swap Widget: providing Orion Protocol liquidity to trade crypto assets onto any website.

Cryptomendo revolves around sharing deep dives and detailed research into specific projects within the crypto industry. The website is a hub for crypto enthusiasts to analyze information relating to several areas across the blockchain space, educating people both new and old, to the power of Web3.

Cryptomendo covers several topical areas within the blockchain industry:

- Project research
- Deep dives
- News
- NFTs
- Beginners’ guides
- Industry thought leaders

The integration with Orion Protocol enables Cryptomendo a fresh opportunity to translate website content and reviews into offering actual access to those digital assets directly and effectively on the website. It provides users unparalleled access to deep aggregated CEX and DEX liquidity in a decentralized way using Orion Swap Widget. Cryptomendo visitors now can trade their preferred crypto assets directly from the website using the Orion Swap Widget, tapping into top blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, and Polygon for multichain access to Orion’s deep liquidity. As a website owner, the installation of Orion Swap Widget provides a quick and easy way of launching the product on the website in under 15 minutes.

Orion Protocol’s partnership with Cryptomendo is another official integration with a third-party website. Implementing Orion Swap Widget gives Orion growing exposure and usability of potential crypto traders and token holders seeking to use Orion’s deep aggregated liquidity; quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. Each new addition of users drives further volume through Orion, as well as several avenues for marketing and scaling awareness within the blockchain industry and beyond.

“The decision to integrate Orion’s swap widget was easy. I truly believe in their vision for deep liquidity, and it’s a mission I proudly support. Aggregated liquidity makes trading crypto 10x more efficient, so why not make it even easier for my readers by offering it directly on my platform!” - Cryptomendo

”Providing websites with a chance to offer their visitors simple access to digital assets is why the Orion Swap Widget is a valuable addition to any company or individual. We are delighted that Cryptomendo chose Orion Swap Widget to enhance their website and look forward to working with the team on more Web3 developments.” - Alexey Koloskov | CEO of Orion Protocol

About Cryptomendo

Cryptomendo shares research and information about the crypto space. The website relays deep dives into specific projects, looks at upcoming and ongoing trends and shares articles that display the rate in which crypto is being adopted throughout society, and more.

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