CryptoSlate integrates Orion Swap Widget: crypto exchange made easy

CryptoSlate joins as latest Orion Swap Widget partner

Orion Protocol announces CryptoSlate, one of the top cryptocurrency news and insights outlets, as the latest high-profile official partner to use Orion Swap Widget on their website. The integration provides CryptoSlate and its users with substantial liquidity from the crypto market and easy access to trade cryptocurrency assets directly from the CryptoSlate site with the user’s own wallet via Orion Swap Widget, without needing other siloed crypto exchange platforms independently.


CryptoSlate website widget Orion banner


Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of CEXs, DEXs and swap pools into one decentralized place, providing a decentralized and universal gateway to the digital assets and decentralized finance space. Orion takes the best crypto exchange locations to buy and sell assets and combines them together as one. Meanwhile, Orion's Enterprise Solutions for crypto projects, blockchains, websites, and exchanges built on the protocol include Orion Swap Widget: providing Orion Protocol liquidity to trade cryptocurrency assets on any website.


Cryptocurrency exchange aggregation through Orion Protocol made accessible on any website with Orion Swap Widget.


CryptoSlate within the crypto industry

CryptoSlate stands out as one of the go-to destinations for crypto information centered on digital assets in the blockchain space. Being one of the leading brands of its kind in crypto, CryptoSlate focuses on Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs and Web3 with its vast array of news, data, cryptocurrency trading information and insights. Futures trading, margin trading news, adaptable trading strategies and more also make up the coverage on the site.

The expansive group of journalists aims to simplify the digital asset world and convey its stories to readers clearly and transparently. CryptoSlate and its business hold a strict editorial policy with values of trust, objectivity, transparency and quality of sources in the highest regard.

CryptoSlate covers daily crypto news, stories and analysis. In addition to publishing over 10,000 articles over the past few years, CryptoSlate also provides data and information for:

~6,215 cryptocurrency assets
~392 crypto companies
~179 crypto products
~513 people in crypto
~568 crypto and NFT


CryptoSlate website


Trade crypto with unparalleled liquidity sources, seamlessly

The integration with Orion Protocol enables CryptoSlate to fulfill an entirely new level of deep interaction between its readers and the information provided on the website to start trading crypto, through Orion Swap Widget. An easy purchase process begins through the simple and intuitive user interface. CryptoSlate visitors, whether advanced traders or new crypto investors, now have direct access to crypto trading and unparalleled CEX and DEX liquidity to buy and sell crypto from the aggregation of the best crypto exchanges in one place using their own personal wallet: only possible via Orion Protocol.

Orion’s liquidity aggregation technology ensures token holders receive deep, combined liquidity from the largest CEXs and DEXs in the space across four of the most significant integrated blockchains in the industry: BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon and Ethereum.


The best crypto exchanges: aggregated

Elite cryptocurrency exchanges of Binance, KuCoin, OKX, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, SpookySwap and AscendEX make up the current global crypto exchanges being aggregated as liquidity sources available through Orion Swap Widget, with more chains, tokens and crypto exchanges being added all the time. Users' best decentralized exchange choices can now be combined with the largest centralized exchanges thanks to Orion's liquidity aggregation technology.


Orion Terminal showing some of the aggregation sources also available on Orion Swap Widget to buy and sell crypto.


Trading crypto just got easier

CryptoSlate visitors now can trade their preferred crypto portfolio of assets directly from the CryptoSlate website with combined trading volumes from multiple exchanges and low fees. This is without needing to exchange-hop to a cryptocurrency exchange elsewhere or even visit the Orion Terminal and its advanced trading facility directly, and from anywhere in the world.


Aggregated crypto exchange benefits on the CryptoSlate website

As a website and business owner, the installation of Orion Swap Widget provides a quick and easy way of launching the product on any website in under 15 minutes without users needing to open a crypto exchange account, deposit funds or be shackled from high trading fees elsewhere. There is no identity verification process, debit card requirement or bank account needed like centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The usual transactional crypto exchange fees / general trading fees apply when exchanging tokens, yet without the deposit and withdrawal fees required by CEXs. Users always connect via their own crypto wallet (hardware wallets of Ledger and Trezor included) where only they own their private keys - underlining strong security measures.


Some of the wallet options available on Orion Swap Widget to get you on your crypto journey.


Crypto exchanges in one place with Orion Swap Widget

Orion Protocol’s partnership with CryptoSlate marks the prestigious honor of having Orion’s first B2B Enterprise Solution being integrated on one of the top news and data brands in the space.

Implementing Orion Swap Widget gives Orion growing exposure and usability to the tens of thousands of crypto enthusiasts, active traders, and token holders using the site. Plus, the visibility of seeking to use Orion’s deep aggregated liquidity; quickly, conveniently, and efficiently without needing to visit other crypto exchanges or suffer from hidden exchange charges elsewhere. Orion makes crypto exchanges work how they should, as one.

Each fresh addition of crypto traders and holders using Orion Swap Widget drives further trading volume through Orion via the various trading platforms combined, as well as several avenues for marketing and B2B product adoption. The integration scales awareness of Orion, its digital currencies, trading pairs, the many exchanges aggregated and its industry-first solutions within the blockchain industry and beyond.

“CryptoSlate is happy to partner with Orion Protocol in order to bring crypto swap functionality to our global readers. As a crypto media platform that has been operating for the past 5 years, it is very important to us that the Orion Swap Widget provides value and usefulness to our users.” - Nate Whitehill | CEO of CryptoSlate

”CryptoSlate is one of the biggest brands in the world for crypto news, data and information. We are proud to have Orion Swap Widget featured prominently on CryptoSlate, offering each visiting client using the site access to the deep and growing liquidity of their choice just by connecting their wallet.” - Alexey Koloskov | CEO of Orion Protocol


About CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate is a comprehensive and contextualized source of crypto news, insights, and data.

Since 2017, CryptoSlate has been a go-to destination for the fast-moving and nascent crypto assets space. With a focus on Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs the cryptocurrency market and Web3, the goal is to provide a holistic overview of the crypto asset market.


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