CEX liquidity + DEX functionality.
Depositless Trading on Orion Terminal is here.

In a significant step towards seamless decentralized trading, ‘Depositless Trading’ has now been enabled on Orion Terminal. To celebrate this release, trade 'depositless' until December 15th to be entered to win a prize pool of $10,000 ORN, exclusive new Orion NFTs, and brand new merch.
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Due to the complexity of the Orion Protocol infrastructure, built on a network of decentralized brokers to enable decentralized access to centralized liquidity for the first time, depositing into the trading smart contract was previously required in order to trade on Orion Terminal.

The release of depositless trading enables users to trade across all connected exchanges on Orion Terminal without depositing into the smart contract, and marks a huge step forward for us and our community. The option to deposit into the smart contract still remains ahead of a number of upcoming features that will utilize the trading smart contract and bolster TVL, including Orion Bridge, Orion Lending, and more.

Reduced steps = reduced fees: akin to leading swaps, depositless trading wraps the deposit functionality into the trade for a more seamless trading experience. Orion Terminal already provides users with the best price across multiple exchanges. The implementation reduces network fees on Orion Terminal across both ETH and BSC networks, ahead of upcoming chain integrations and Orion Bridge.

Trade like a CEX, on a DEX: for the first time, trade with the liquidity and features of a centralized exchange (including setting limit orders), but with the depositless functionality of trading across leading swaps - directly from your wallet. Global access to CEX liquidity, no accounts, no KYC, and no smart contract deposits. 

  • Limit orders via depositless trading are made possible via updates to Orion’s Smart Contracts to enable interaction via signature requests. ‘Placing’ or ‘removing’ limit orders costs zero gas fees - gas fees will be charged only on execution. 
  • If a limit order is filled and the settlement by the broker is immediate, your receiving assets will be credited to your wallet. Otherwise, your receiving assets will be credited to your contract balance and available for withdrawal after broker’s final settlement.
  • If trading an asset that you have not previously deposited into the smart contract, this will be credited within your wallet. If you hold an existing asset within the Terminal smart contract, new funds will be credited to your contract balance. Settlement can be immediate for liquid tokens, or can occasionally last up to 3 hours for more illiquid tokens.

This release marks one of several upcoming critical efforts to streamline trading on Orion Terminal, including: 

  • FIAT onramp: enabling users to purchase crypto with fiat directly on Orion Terminal
  • A ‘single network view’: enabling users to view assets across multiple chains in one view
  • Orion Bridge: the first truly decentralized bridge between different blockchains, working completely on peer-to-peer communication and atomic swaps between our decentralized network of brokers

Depositless Trading Competition

To celebrate this release, trade 'depositless' until December 15th to be entered to win up to $10,000 ORN and exclusive new Orion NFTs + merchandise ahead of our upcoming rebrand.

How it works: Users will be awarded 'lottery tickets' based on their transactional value of trades. These will be entered in to a prize pool from which winners will be selected.

To enter: Simply trade directly from your wallet ahead of the 15th December - that's it! Sign up below to enter and be notified.

Sign up below to enter the Depositless Trading competition.