Orion Terminal Phase One: Development Updates

Since the launch of Orion Terminal's Phase One, the development team have been hard at work to prepare for full launch this quarter. We will continue to provide weekly updates to share notable developments, advancements, and additions to the terminal.

01.20.2020. Business Development:

We’ve designed these updates to keep our community up to date with our progress across the board. Along with tech advancements, we want to update you on business development progression.

This week, we've finalized the fee structure for one of our most anticipated products, the Liquidity Boost Plugin. So far, we've secured 11+ partners (5 announced, 6 more to be revealed) to utilize this solution upon launch, including PolkastarterMobiePayPlasmaPayFire Protocol, and Glitch Finance.

But what does that mean for ORN holders?

Each of our LBP partners have one thing in common: the need for liquidity in order for their project to become sustainable. Our LBP clients are hand picked and fully vetted as top quality partners focused on user base growth as a key metric of success. The user base growth of our partners benefits them, us, and ORN stakers:

  • Each and every transaction placed on our partners' exchanges using Orion liquidity will result in a transaction on the Orion Terminal, met with regular terminal fees. 
  • Increased volume on their platforms means more transactions via the LBP.
  • More transactions via the LBP means more transactions via the Orion Terminal.
  • More transactions via Orion Terminal = higher staking rewards.

ORN staking rewards are generated via transactions on the terminal, and will therefore increase alongside terminal volume. Although we intend for the terminal volume alone to drive incredible APY, every transaction via the LBP will bring additional rewards to our brokers and stakers. 

Orion Terminal volume + LBP volume = the most profitable staking in DeFi.

01.13.2020. This week, the development team are working on:

  • Adding Uniswap as a liquidity provider
  • Onboarding of more exchange brokers
  • Adding wBTC with additional liquidity from "main" BTC streams
  • Swap user interface improvements
  • Significant swap modification to reduce fees for complex swaps and increase speed of execution
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to stability and performance
  • Expansion of the development team through new specialists
  • Improvements of trading terminal UI
  •  Thousands more users added

01.06.2020. Last week, we saw:

  • New pairs added
  • New users whitelisted
  • Work on stability + fault tolerance


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