Uniswap, PancakeSwap + more on Orion: Ultimate DEX x CEX aggregation

Enhancing Orion by aggregating Uniswap and the elite DEXs + CEXs

Orion successfully integrates Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, + QuickSwap, adding to the unmatched liquidity aggregation and token availability of the protocol. Orion continues to lead the crypto industry for exceptional trading aggregation and deep price-quality.

Orion Protocol combines centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges and their tokens, removing limitations within the industry involving token fragmentation across each liquidity provider. While elite centralized exchanges reinforce a deep liquidity foundation on Orion, with exchanges such as Binance, OKX, KuCoin, and AscendEX, Orion’s developers now unveil the biggest DEXs being integrated well, including market-leaders Uniswap (UNI) and PancakeSwap (CAKE).

Combined exchanges in one place, thanks to Orion Protocol.

Trading the old for the new

Integrating these top decentralized exchanges and a host of new tokens reaches an important milestone for both Orion Protocol and the industry itself, bringing an unprecedented feat of merging the biggest CEXs and DEXs together into one combined order book for the first time. Aggregating each automated market maker/liquidity provider together demonstrates Orion Protocol's unique ability to supply the industry with a combination of the largest and most well-known exchanges and tokens together without the need to open an account or using a centralized wallet.

Traders own their assets by connecting their own wallet on Orion. No account needed.

Orion's DeFi aggregation builds upon the strength of what has gone before: hours, days, and years of development to its maximum capacity for DeFi swaps like Uniswap. Orion removes that total limited capacity to make a scalable trading future possible and allows users to benefit from all of the most significant trading sources in one.

Automated market maker made for next-gen trading

Uniswap (UNI) and PancakeSwap (CAKE) have consistently been the popular DEXs across Ethereum and BNB Chain, trading with increased popularity since inception. 24-hour trading volumes on both platforms have produced between around $200k up to a high of $5bn for PancakeSwap, and around $1bn up to near $11bn at its February 2022 peak for Uniswap.

Individually, each platform of Uniswap and PancakeSwap remains the elite DEX exchange in crypto. However, the platforms cannot develop beyond that, being hampered by fragmentation of their siloed nature, causing a flaw for optimal price discovery - a huge issue affecting cryptocurrency exchanges and, in turn, their customers themselves looking for value in a specific token transaction. Users needlessly and repeatedly must jump across to other exchanges for the assets or find a better price, while elite CEXs still keep the most liquidity by far.

The best of DeFi on Orion.

The solution is Orion Protocol

Solving limitations within the blockchain industry (as highlighted recently on Twitter via Brian Armstrong of Coinbase), Orion combines separated token liquidity sources, like on Uniswap, into one place for the best price. Orion places these swap locations into one order book, enabling optimization of price points and volume to translate into the best value for users, ensuring the supply base for trading is always enhanced over single sources like Uniswap alone.

Orion’s smart routing and splitting of orders via smart contracts ensure optimal value takes place for a token exchange. Virtual Order Books (VOBS) help to create unique trading opportunities completely unique to Orion’s technology.

VOBs on Orion Protocol

Meanwhile, Orion Bridge reflects true L1-to-L1 atomic swap capabilities to ensure securely bridged tokens between chains directly through Orion Terminal itself. This reduces friction and enhances the user experience while also protecting individuals from inadequate and insecure blockchain bridges.

Orion Bridge is integrated into Orion Terminal

DEXs now integrated

- Uniswap (+ more liquidity for the UNI token)
- PancakeSwap (+ more liquidity for CAKE)
- QuickSwap (+ more liquidity for MATIC)
- SpookySwap (+ more liquidity for FTM)

Uniswap and PancakeSwap propel Orion’s aggregation ecosystem into overdrive, with each user always connecting to Orion Terminal to trade the largest CEXs and now DEXs with their own wallet from any country in the world. Integration of QuickSwap and SpookySwap also bolsters tokens on Polygon and Fantom, giving users a vast array of the biggest liquidity sources on each chain.

Growing a network of opportunity

Over time, the total of the industry's largest DEXs, like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, which are used and integrated, build up exponentially. This offers traders unmatched access to the elite crypto exchanges in one place covering more than just one chain through decentralized finance, amassing a near-endless pool of liquidity. This has been unachievable by the limitations of the individual locations themselves, highlighting the importance of this huge milestone for Orion Protocol.

It allows users to have an open mind of what is possible when it comes to DeFi, not being limited to single options of Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Users can now trade with impressive merged volume, which makes Orion's technology increasingly important to the many crypto enthusiasts frustrated their funds and time are needlessly split across several platforms such as Uniswap.

With Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, and QuickSwap now integrated Orion, the ability to supply an endless hub of aggregation to buy and sell tokens is the start of a shift towards the price being based on many sources, not just one. Users demand more options, and last, Orion's industry-first technology can make that possible by moving forward with a different kind of governance.

Deeper liquidity across each of the blockchains on Orion.

Benefits to traders to buy and sell digital assets

- More liquidity
- Better Value
- More choice
- Deeper liquidity for current assets
- New assets from Uniswap + PancakeSwap + more
- Single location
- Reduced slippage

Getting more from smart contracts

Uniswap (Ethereum-based) and PancakeSwap (BNB Chain-based) drive exceptional amounts of liquidity through Orion - already populated by the most liquid CEXs in the industry.

The addition of these top CEXs and DEXs together through Orion drives unparalleled liquidity through the same order book and is inclusive of not just one chain but several, including the most popular L1 solutions of Ethereum and BNB Chain. It ensures Orion thrives as the choice for high-volume liquidity aggregation at the best price within the cryptocurrency industry.

Each source of token liquidity added, such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap, furthers the overall aggregated price a user receives as the orders compile together. This reduces slippage and creates a wealth of strength to hold bid/ask prices at the same price point, whereas individual exchanges with limited capacity cannot hold prices anywhere near as well, forcing people to pay more for a token at a higher order book price on a platform like Uniswap which does not combine sources.

Additional DEX sources through each chain on Orion.

Virtual Order Books on Orion

Orion’s Virtual Order Books (VOBs) receive significant input for enhanced calculations from the additional exchange sources, leading to it being able to supply unique transaction routes only possible on Orion. This creates further ways to earn value for users, no matter the project. Unique to Orion Protocol, VOBs demonstrate the importance of technological advancement from Orion's developers to build upon simple and complex swaps.

A million/billion reasons to look forward

Additional DEXs bring additional token options, reinforcing the liquidity of current tokens and coins while introducing a host of new assets to Orion Terminal as well. New tokens lead to more opportunities to trade with, and Orion’s aggregation provides users with a single place to trade, reducing friction, time-wasting, and additional procedures needed for single and severely hampered trading exchanges.

Orion Protocol finally unites the volume of the million and billion-dollar market cap projects together to trade tokens seamlessly in one place for the best price with a user's own wallet. Uniswap and PancakeSwap users no longer need two separate destinations.

Orion doesn't compete to supply assets; it completes

Orion does not compete with swap platforms like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, and QuickSwap, it actively breaks down barriers for traders used to being limited to several destinations rather than one. It allows high usage for the platforms themselves in an active way to have traders buy and sell cryptocurrency through Orion's aggregated order books.

Whether it's the UNI token itself, or a particular smart chain, Orion's approach to smart contracts, which initially started via Ethereum, brings together token choices from across the blockchain space into one location.

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