Orion will be the first token sale to implement a Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO), a token sale framework in which utility tokens are held in reserve to 16 months.

Designed to greatly reduce the risks of token sale participation without sacrificing results, a DYCO offers its participants the ability to refund a token, no matter if they held them or previously sold them at a profit.

Under the framework, Orion guarantees to return 80% of the raised money back to DYCO participants through refunds, if requested. 


Feel confident and safe in your token purchase with protection never seen in crypto before.

Join the first safeguarded token sale in crypto. 

If the token value falls by more than 20% from the initial price, ORN token buyers can generate risk-free profits by buying tokens from the market and refunding them.

Low-risk does not mean low-results. Experience a natural price floor with organic volume and liquidity built in. ORN’s issuance model offers a limited downside, while still exposing buyers to all the upside of a token’s benefits. 

Your token, your control. Enjoy the upside of a token purchase without the danger and uncertainty of traditional token offerings. Unlike traditional token sales, the Orion DYCO has a dynamic hard cap and valuation. Refunded tokens are removed from circulation, reducing the volume of sold tokens. DYCO participants have the ability to execute the right of refund if not pleased with the project's performance.

Supply. Every ORN token that is refunded will be removed from the circulating supply, decreasing the total sale supply of the token by up to 100%. Only purchased tokens will be in circulation till the 16th month.

Unrivaled Token Utility

As the Dynamic Coin Offering is an evolutionary successor of token sales, the result is a token model with greatly limited downside movement through guaranteed refunds and removal of the token from circulation - while the token retains all of its potential through its utility value. 

Value of a utility token is based on product success, demand in staking, revenue, product fees, etc. The Orion team has worked hard to ensure unrivaled token utility across their ecosystem, having built thirteen different revenue streams across their stack of B2B and B2C DeFi solutions - all powered by the ORN token and generating results from day one.

Each of Orion’s products were created to address the largest issues in crypto, from Orion Terminal (the liquidity of the entire crypto market on one decentralized platform) to Orion Enterprise solutions for blockchains, exchanges, and crypto projects – with an ambitious roadmap building on the protocol to ensure the sustainability of the DeFi landscape.


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