Orion Protocol Brings its Industry-Leading DeFi Solutions to ETHDenver

ETHDenver 2023 with Orion Protocol: We're here.

ETHDenver 2023 has arrived and the excitement is building. Amongst the many innovative projects and events that will be showcased at ETHDenver, the Orion Protocol team is proud to be present and bring its most advanced liquidity aggregator awareness to the festival.

ETHDenver, Colorado

Event details

Event: February 24th to March 5th, 2023

Main Event Week: March 2nd to March 5th, 2023

National Western Complex

4655 Humboldt St, Denver CO 80216

Decentralized future

Through its groundbreaking solutions and industry-leading world technologies, Orion Protocol revolutionizes DeFi by providing decentralized access to centralized liquidity and while creating a secure, decentralized trading Terminal for users, connectable with a user's own wallet.

With ETHDenver's core event beginning today, get ready to experience firsthand how Orion Protocol is transforming DeFi to create a true decentralized future for crypto trading.

Combined exchanges on Orion

Blockchain's top projects

Orion Protocol's Business Development team joins some of the crypto industry's biggest brands and personalities at the prestigious event, congregating together from over six continents.

Educate, engage

Orion joins other leading Web3 teams and attendees at ETHDenver 2023 to educate and engage the ETHDenver community on how Orion's innovative technologies are pioneering the decentralized finance space.

Projects involved:

Community meet-ups

At ETHDenver 2023, Orion Protocol is holding meet-ups to engage and educate the ETHDenver community on its industry-leading DeFi solutions. These meet-ups will provide an opportunity for members of ETHDenver and other blockchain projects to come together, learn about Orion Protocol's innovative technologies, and discuss how these solutions can be used to create a more decentralized future.

Eth Denver 2023

ETHDenver, Orion

Developing Web3

Developers choose to visit the community workshop, booth and builder events to tap into resources from teams and technologies across the crypto industry.

Denver plays host to a hub of talented creatives throughout February and March as developers jump into coding bounties and community build initiatives led by influential members of the space.

The involvements from some of the best Web3 builders in the world demonstrates the value and support of the growing crypto movement around the world and show it as being sign of a global transitioning to Web3.


Increasing Orion's Awareness

The ETHDenver event is one of many initiatives that Orion Protocol undertakes in order to expand its user base and increase awareness.

ETHDenver 2023 will be an avenue for Orion Protocol to showcase what it can do and connect with ETHDenver's vibrant community. The festival provides Orion Protocol with an excellent opportunity to showcase its tokenized liquidity aggregator and how it is transforming the way DeFi works.

National Western Complex

Starting in February and concluding in March, and previously held in Broadway, Denver, in 2022, the ETH gathering in 2023 now heads to National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt St, Denver CO 80216, as talented developers build the future of Web3 with Orion.


See you there!

Come join us at ETHDenver 2023, and connect with the Orion team to dive into the innovative solutions of Orion Protocol and how it revolutionizes the entire DeFi space.

ETHDenver 2023 with Orion Protocol: Let's go!



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