ETHDenver: Orion Protocol Lays Crucial Foundations for Success

ETHDenver - Building with the best

At ETHDenver this year, Orion Protocol made enormous strides in laying the foundations for success. Through meeting dozens of new projects and teams, Orion Protocol was able to create valuable connections with some of the biggest players in the Web3 industry, with up to around 10,000 people visiting each day from all around the world.


Meeting dozens of new projects and teams

These meetings with other top projects allowed Orion Protocol to gain further insight into various aspects of blockchain technology, business, and finance, as well as generate thoughtful conversational concepts that will help shape the future of Orion Protocol and the Web3 world.

Projects connected with:


Arbitrum - L2 scaling solution
Chainalysis - Blockchain data
Hacken - Auditors
Offchain Labs - Arbitrum dev solution
Tenderly - Smart contracts infrastructure
Gnosis Chain: L1 blockchain
Hedera - L1 chain
Findora - L1 privacy chain
Injective - DeFi blockchain
InfStones - Blockchain infrastructure provider
Infura - Node infrastructure
NodeReal - Node infrastructure
Xenum - Blockchain gaming infrastructure
Filecoin - Decentralized storage
zkSync - ZK rollups
Zecrey Protocol - ZK rollups
Aragon - DAO tech stack
Indexer - Multi-chain indexing platform
The Graph - Indexing protocol


OKX - Already integrated trading exchange
Circle - USDC stable
Starkwise - Liquid staking
RocketPool - Liquid staking
CowSwap - Meta DEX Aggregator - Income backed loans
Slingshot - DEX swap
Wave Digital Assets - Investment fund
Lyra - Options trading
Rage Trade - Perp swap
Ankr - Liquid staking
Helio Protocol - Liquid staking
DODO - DeFi exchange - Decentralized loan marketplace
Alfa DAO - DeFi market opinion

Metaverse gaming + innovation

Knights of Degen - Play2Earn gaming app
League DAO - Web3 fantasy sports
WAGMI Games - Web3 Game
Venture Punk - Web3 innovation studio
Community Gaming - Gaming tournament platform
Muverse - Web3 Music
GAME7 - Autonomous gaming incubator
Core DAO - Bitcoin DAO building dapps


Cypher Wallet - Non-custodial wallet on Ethereum and Cosmos
Phantom Wallet - Cross-chain wallet
WalletConnect - Cross-chain DeFi wallet
Absolute Labs - Wallet relationship management
Ambire - Non-custodial smart wallet


Google - Blockchain team
Imme - Privacy regulation compliance
Impact Plus - Web3 humanitarian aid
Moonrock Capital - VC
Blockchain Education Network - Education platform
CharmVerse - Web3 community platform
ScalingX - Blockchain research

Creating valuable connections with Web3 industry leaders

Attending the well-respected community event is undoubtedly one of the best ways to stay on top of what's happening in the space.

With ETHDenver being an annual blockchain and cryptocurrency spectacle, it provides a great opportunity to network with key influencers and make meaningful connections throughout the industry and become even more knowledgeable with what is being created from different areas.

Presentations and panels attended:

• The financialization of NFTs
• Zero knowledge virtual machines
• Dynamic NFTs - Unlocking the potential of digital art
• AI + Web3 meets gaming
• Stablecoins & liquid staking tokens
• Perpetual protocols in DeFi applications

Hackathon project presentations:

• Project that used ChatGPT to perform text to trade functionality
• Decentralized on and offramp crypto ATM
• Sesame - Wallet that sends ETH through SMS without internet connection
• Swappy - Text to swap function using ChatGPT, Axelar, and Squid SDK
• Inheritable - Decentralized wills - unlocking using Merkle trees
• Gasly - Chrome extension that allows users to pay gas with any token
• Denoted - Adding on-chain data to documentation that updates in real time

The Orion team was also excited to meet college students from reputable schools building in the space - for they are the future of this digital movement.

Gaining insight into technology, business, and finance

ETHDenver provided Orion Protocol with a great opportunity to meet new projects, teams, and build valuable connections within the Web3 industry. We were able to experience first-hand the power of blockchain technology and its potential impact on various industries in attendance.

The event was filled with innovative ideas and discussions on blockchain technology and the team were at the heart of it, exploring new opportunities within each conversation and aligning with community initiatives throughout at the various workshops available.

Generating innovative concepts to shape the future of Orion Protocol and Web3 world

The key component of ETHDenver has been the focus on collaboration and creativity, both of which have helped to shape ETHDenver from an event into a much larger community.

As part of ETHDenver’s efforts to create a more collaborative atmosphere, workshops, talks, and other community-inspired activities were in abundance with some of the space's most notable personalities attending, including Ethereum's own Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin.

From ETHDenver, Orion Protocol is determined to make lasting connections and collaborations by creating new innovations in trading and blockchain technology. Through these partnerships we are excited to open up previously unexplored opportunities for development across the industry.

Orion Protocol was part of an incredibly diverse group of attendees from world-class projects to keen community enthusiasts, each determined to see a Web3 world come to fruition.

ETHDenver as a game-changer for Orion Protocol

ETHDenver was a real game-changer for Orion Protocol, and it looks to be an exciting journey ahead as we continue talks and join forces with teams looking to power crypto innovation moving forward, developing Orion's liquidity aggregation technology even further.

Exciting journey for a decentralized future

ETHDenver afforded Orion Protocol the chance to network and forge connections with some of Web3's most prominent figures, as well as connect with a multitude of projects and teams. These conversations have continued as we build meaningful partnerships that will help drive our mission forward: to power a decentralized future.



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