Orion Protocol x Floki Telegram AMA Summary

Join Orion's Business Development Director, Stephane Doueihi, and CMO, Andrew Kirk, featuring Floki's Core contributor, 'B' (The Viking), in a live AMA covering everything from:

- Orion Swap Widget
- Who is Floki?
- Floki's future
- Problems in web3

Andrew | Orion Protocol
Hello everyone, and welcome to our #DeeperLiquidity AMA with the great Floki! :-) We have two locations for this AMA. The first part of it will be held here in the Orion Protocol Telegram group and then over in the Floki Telegram group later on, so stay with us and follow us over there later on.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
The Floki token recently gained #DeeperLiquidity on Orion as Uniswap is, of course, now added to Orion Terminal, combining with Orion’s internal DEX for aggregated liquidity, along with more CEXs and DEXs as we add them.

Andrew | Orion Protocol: Q1
Can you please let our viewers know about your Floki project and how it started?

B | Floki Inu
Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency and the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem.

Floki was inspired by an Elon Musk tweet in June 2021 where he said that his Shiba Inu will be named Floki, after the popular Viking shipbuilder. Shortly after, an anonymous dev launched the Floki cryptocurrency. A community quickly rallied around it because they expected it to go mainstream due to the Elon Musk effect (which had previously benefited the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu cryptocurrencies). It didn’t take long for this dev to abandon the project, however. A second dev who was invited to save the project also abandoned it, but the community was adamant about ensuring the project survived. The community invited a third dev, led a project takeover, and the rest is history. I’m sure it is clear from these events why Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency.

The Floki Ecosystem consists of a suite of utility products built for the Floki community and powered by the Floki token. These include:
- Our flagship utility product is a metaverse P2E NFT game named Valhalla.
- Our DeFi offerings launched under the FlokiFi umbrella. The first of which is our innovative crypto locker protocol named FlokiFi Locker.
- The University of Floki crypto education platform which aims to introduce crypto to millions of people.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
I love the rallying of the community around Floki. It's brilliant! And it has great utility and identity with it - not 'just' a meme coin. Metaverse P2E in there as well which is a massive movement at the moment as well

Andrew | Orion Protocol
FlokiFi Locker has been growing great as well. I've seen a number of projects involved. Can you reel off a few names so far? we can talk in more detail about each as well

B | Floki Inu
Of course. We recently launched FlokiFi Locker and have carefully laid a solid foundation by forming strategic partnerships with strong industry projects that can help with the adoption of the protocol. 

These include:

- QuickSwap, which is the biggest DEX on Polygon.
- Trader Joe which is the biggest DEX on Avalanche.
- SpookySwap, which is the biggest DEX on Fantom.
- Biswap which is the second biggest DEX on BNB Chain.

As well as over a dozen other major DEXs, blockchains, and launchpads... and that's only the beginning as we have even more coming in the near future!

Andrew | Orion Protocol
next question!

Andrew | Orion Protocol: Q2
Can you let us know how your token interacts with your Floki ecosystem and why having deeper liquidity through the new integrated and aggregated DEXs of Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, and SpookySwap from Orion will help to enhance your ecosystem?

B | Floki Inu
The FLOKI token powers every product in the Floki Ecosystem in some form. For example, it will be the main token of our metaverse NFT game (or will be used to generate the main token). It is also the main token powering our DeFi products built under the FlokiFi umbrella. For example, with FlokiFi Locker, FLOKI tokens are required to execute transactions on the ETH and BSC chains successfully.
Having deeper liquidity through Orion’s new integrated and aggregated DEXs helps accelerate adoption for Floki as it makes the FLOKI token more easily accessible to people who might need it to use one or more of our utility products.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
Yes, brilliant. Exactly. Orion provides that liquidity for Floki holders. Easily accessible, and very much FLOKI in one place without visiting various exchanges. It'll be exciting to see those use cases rise as well, adding even more to FLOKI's utility.

B | Floki Inu
I'm impressed with what you guys have built! 🔥

Andrew | Orion Protocol
It's an endless aggregation and depth. Amazing how it can keep expanding and adding exchanges into one place!

Andrew | Orion Protocol: Q3
Next question. Through Orion Protocol, your users can continue to access your token's combined liquidity as we add more aggregated CEX and DEX exchanges into one place. Why do you think having a globally accessible one-stop-shop location to aggregate your token’s liquidity through Orion is so crucial within the industry?

B | Floki Inu
Floki aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world. Our feat barely a year after launching has made it clear that we mean business: Floki currently has ~420,000 holders on-chain (possibly more on CEXs!), and we’ve managed to introduce the Floki brand to billions of people through strategic marketing partnerships.
Having a globally accessible one-stop-shop location to aggregate Floki’s liquidity through Orion makes it much easier for Floki adoption. In our case, we’re listed on at least half a dozen DEXs with varying levels of liquidity. A solution like this ensures that users interested in purchasing Floki for its utility get the best deal whenever they purchase the Floki token.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
And for those who don't know, those icons on the Orion order book show which CEXs and DEXs are combined. In that shot, there's Uniswap AND AscendEX. Connect your wallet to Orion and trade, no matter the connected sources. Instead of having low liquidity on several exchanges that have FLOKI, Orion combines them into one single order book. It means you're getting better value, as well as the depth is solid, so little-to-no slippage

Andrew | Orion Protocol: Q4
Security is paramount to Orion in many ways, including both building the project and people using their own wallets to trade so they aren’t exposed to the flaws of centralized exchanges that essentially own your funds. Why do you think owning your private keys is so critical in general?

B | Floki Inu
At Floki, we’ve always advised that our users hold their tokens in their own wallets because you can’t truly experience crypto when you have to rely on a third party to hold your tokens for you. The recent FTX collapse further reinforces the importance of this.
For utility projects like Floki, users who want to use these products will need to have the Floki tokens in their own wallets in some form, as it’s impossible to interact with our products with tokens on a CEX. Controlling your private key means you control your crypto and that you can be sure that it is intact no matter what. You also don’t have to worry whenever a CEX fails; we’ve had way too many of them fail in this cycle.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
It absolutely reinforces it. Imperative. And the thing with Orion's role as a decentralized liquidity aggregator is that as Orion aggregates from CEXs and DEXs into one place, should one exchange not be there; it doesn't matter - the other exchanges keep aggregating. You always retain your own funds as transactions on Orion are via secure smart contracts.

Andrew | Orion Protocol: Q5
Orion Protocol, a liquidity aggregator of exchanges, solves several industry-critical solutions such as fragmentation, accessibility, custody, and scalability. How does Floki solve the industry’s issues, and why is it essential to do so?

B | Floki Inu
Floki’s main goal is to facilitate mainstream crypto adoption by introducing crypto to a lot more people and helping them have a more secure crypto experience. We’re doing this through our metaverse NFT game Valhalla which we believe will onboard millions of people who would ordinarily not have interacted with crypto simply due to their experience with the game. Our crypto education platform University of Floki, also has a similar goal: to educate users about crypto by enlightening them about crypto and simplifying various aspects of crypto for them. Finally, our DeFi products will help them have a full experience of what crypto should be in a safe and secure way.
We believe this is important because crypto is the future of finance, yet data shows the mainstream is currently significantly underexposed to it, with less than 5% of the current global population using crypto at the moment. Floki aims to change this.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
Love your University of Floki angle and the learning involved. We will have something similar from a different angle in the future. Education is hugely important.

Andrew | Orion Protocol: Q6
Orion Swap Widget, Orion’s first B2B Enterprise Solution, can be installed on any website with seamless global access to the token that fuels their ecosystem and deep aggregated trading liquidity, along with new chains, exchanges and tokens, and a lot more coming up. What is next for you, and can you share with us any important upcoming developments, please?

B | Floki Inu
We’re excited about the Orion Swap Widget and look forward to integrating it soon.

For Floki, we’re working hard towards executing the plans on our roadmap: we have the first major release of our flagship utility product, our metaverse NFT game named Valhalla, going live this month. We also have our own native staking solution tentatively scheduled to go live this month, as well as the first version of the Floki Debit Card. Going into 2023, we have even more in stock, and our plan remains the same: to facilitate mainstream crypto adoption and help people experience DeFi in a safe and secure way.

Stéphane | Orion Protocol
Exciting! Let us know if you need any help integrating the widget — looking forward to seeing it live! 🔥

Andrew | Orion Protocol
A huge month ahead with Valhalla coming! Debit card as well. You guys are really pushing forward with all sorts.

Andrew | Orion Protocol
Thanks a lot for those answers, B! Thank you for taking the time to answer them with us. I think everyone has learned a great deal about Floki with those answers. We think it’s great!

We’re now going to head over to the Floki Telegram channel to continue the rest of our AMA and take on some community questions. Join us 😊



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