ORION PROTOCOL: June in Review

From product releases, new product announcements, and our roadmap release, to media features, conferences, and interviews, it's been another busy month for the Orion Team. A week since launch of Orion Pool, an impressive 10.6 million ORN has been locked in Orion Terminal (~$60 million dollars), totaling 36% of circulating supply.



Let's take a look at what else happened this month:

  • Listing on Coinbase Custody
  • Orion Pre-Staking on Orion Terminal
  • Orion Pool live, allowing trading across CEX + DEX
  • USDo Stablecoin announced
  • H2 roadmap released
  • CertiK audit successfully completed 
  • Partnership with Cardano announced
  • 45 media features (3m+ impressions)
  • 5 interviews, conferences, and AMAs
  • 8 major YouTube influencer features


ORN on Coinbase Custody

Orion Protocol’s utility token, ORN, is now an accepted asset for Coinbase Custody. This is a significant milestone for Orion as Coinbase Custody users can now access ORN on what is considered to be one of the largest and most trusted crypto custody solutions for individual and institutional investors. 


Orion Pool Live

Our own AMM solution Orion Pool is now live, allowing assets to be traded on Orion Terminal via liquidity pools rather than a traditional market of buyers and sellers. Orion Pool is fully integrated into the Terminal, allowing traders a single UI for trading, swapping, staking, and governance voting. Through this development, Orion Terminal is the only platform that allows decentralized access to both centralized exchanges and swap pools in one place.


Main Net Pre-Staking Live

Orion recently launched its native ‘pre-staking’ solution on Orion Terminal via Orion Pool,  offering staking rewards up to ~100% APR (depending on whether holders opt for single-asset staking (ORN only) or provide multi-asset liquidity for pools paired with BNB, BUSD, USDT, and ETH).


USDo Stablecoin announced

On Monday, Orion announced even further utility will be added to its native ORN token by soon introducing USDo, Orion’s dollar-pegged stablecoin. Minted by staking ORN, USDo will become the primary base pair across Orion Terminal.


H2 roadmap released

In order to remain fluid, adaptable, and thus competitive, we have recalibrated our roadmap to focus on our current priorities, versus set dates. We will continue to update the community as our priorities progress and evolve, and as new opportunities arise. With that in mind, our priorities for the coming months are increasing volume, improving infrastructure, and building industry-first solutions. Learn more.

roadmap2 social


CertiK audit completed

CertiK is the leading blockchain audit firm in the space, and has successfully completed its full-scale audit of Orion Pool (following its audit of Orion Terminal. Orion Protocol ranks as one of the most secure projects in the space, with a security score of 96/100.


Orion x Cardano

Orion Protocol aims to solve fragmentation in the crypto space, creating a decentralized ‘one-stop-shop’ for people wanting to buy crypto at the best prices - bringing blockchain closer to mainstream adoption. Beyond Cardano's integration into the terminal, the two partners will explore how to scale the solution sustainably to incorporate traditional financial and NFT markets.


45 media features

News about Orion: International Business Times, Investing.com, Bitcoin Insider, 18 Digits, News BTC, DailyCoin, CryptoDaily

News about Orion Pool: ihodl, Investing.com, CoinQuora, ChainBits, Crypto News Flash, 0xzx, CoinQuora, TheCryptoStation, Essentialadv.com, Crypto News, CoinGape

News about USDo: Blockonomi, CryptoFlash, Chainbits, CoinFunda, CoinQuora, CoinCheckup, DailyCoin, Knowledia, PlatoBlockchain, ZyCrypto, Newsbreak, Investing.com

News about Orion and Cardano: AltcoinBuzz, CryptoNinjas, Crypto Economy, Bitcoin Ethereum News, Quebec News Tribune, Coinpedia, NewsPick, LatestCryptoNews, AsumeTech, DigitalFinanceNews, CryptoPanic, ThinkInCryptoBitcoin Insider, 18digits, DailyCoin

Meanwhile, Orion has continued to top the charts of the likes of LunarCRUSH’s Galaxy Score, placing above tokens like BNB, DEXT and SHIB for community and social metrics. Stay up to date with our news features here.


5 Interviews, conferences, and AMAs

Cardano360: Timothea Horwell, Orion's CMO, joined the team at Cardano on the much anticipated Cardano360 show to share Orion's plans to integrate Cardano into Orion Terminal.

Mettalex: Timothea joined Mettalex for their second episode of Mettacast to discuss challenges to DeFi mass adoption, irresponsible high-leverage trading, what’s coming up for Orion, and crypto x commodities.

DeFi Summit: Timothea joined a panel including the COO of YFDAI, CEO of Gather Network and COO Ferrum Network to discuss 'Building Trust in a Trustless DeFi Ecosystem'.

Development AMA: Yanush Ali, Orion's CSO, and Simon Kruse, Orion's Lead Tech, took part in a community AMA to discuss Orion Pool, B2B product development, Orion's roadmap, and the unveiling of new features.

DeFi Raccoons: Timothea joined the DeFi Raccoons Telegram community to share what's happening at Orion, and what's next on the roadmap.


8 major YouTube features

This month, Orion Protocol has been featured by Altcoin Daily, Crypto Michaël, DaVinci, A Chain of Blocks, CryptoVisor, Big Pey, Jack Ingram, Crypto Wave, and more.


Short term development focuses include:

  • Adding additional metrics to the pools dashboard, including earned values from pool share fees for governance stakers and liquidity providers.
  • Adding a 'compound' feature for governance stakers to easily compound their earnings.
  • Resolving the claimed rewards from the Liquidity Mining migration.
  • Migration of technical support to an internal helpdesk.
  • Improving terminal UI and features.
  • Enabling a wider array of assets to be used for fees.
  • Orion Bridge compatibility with Binance Bridge.
  • Releasing V2 of Orion's Volume Dashboard, including a more detailed breakdown of volume, trading, and staking.
  • Continued assessment of user feedback for improved user experience.
  • Continued optimization of Orion Pool ahead of 3rd party onboarding.
  • Integrating further liquidity sources.

Learn more about our next steps and milestones here. Here's to an even more productive month ahead!

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