Margin Trading comes to KuCoin for ORN 

Orion Protocol‘s native ORN token is now available for Margin Trading through partner exchange, KuCoin.  ORN is now listed under ORN-USDT on the KuCoin Margin Trading platform.

After first listing ORN on KuCoin in July of last year, this added feature is another progressive incentive for traders. ORN is now active on KuCoin as a: New Margin Asset, New Borrowable Asset, New Margin Pair.

In addition to unveiling more assets and pairs on the Margin Trading platform, KuCoin have added a zero-interest promotion as well for borrowing ORN, amongst other new margin tokens.

  1. Users can borrow in the Margin Market and there is a first come, first served bonus cap of 5,000 ORN for taking part in the offer.
  2. A second bonus initiative involves KuCoin placing coupons randomly in traders’ accounts.

    *Coupons can be used to borrow funds at 0 interest for long or short in Margin Markets, and only through the coupon interface.

    *How to use: Click Coupon > Transfer > Borrow > Trading

Get started on Kucoin here. For more information, visit KuCoin’s guidance page here.

Find more ORN margin trading on Binance.


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