The first iteration of Orion Pool launched a month ago, creating a single interface for swapping, trading, staking, and governance on Orion Terminal.

Currently, Liquidity Providers are providing assets for a number of pools, including ORN/USDT (348,548 ORN), ORN/BNB (375,046 ORN), ORN/ETH (731,191 ORN) and ORN/BUSD (59,976 ORN), with rewards up to 85% APR. Meanwhile, Governance Stakers are voting on these pools with ORN to determine the reward rates, earning up to 13.25% APR. 

We’ve seen incredible uptake on this, with 46% of circulating ORN locked (13,204,548 ORN / $54,534,783) and 63,638,738m locked across the 7 pools. With this decentralized liquidity, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform to enable decentralized access to CEXs + swap pools in one place: not only enabling the best price across centralized and decentralized liquidity sources, but providing arbitrage opportunities between them too.

Unlike centralized staking which controls your wallet, on Orion, you always own your own funds and we will never ask you for KYC or an account. You can stake knowing you retain custody of your funds. Unlike other staking initiatives, there’s no lock up period, nor any minimum to stake.

Earn with your ORN.

Liquidity Providers are currently earning between 25.43% to 85.40% APR on Orion Terminal. The APR is dependent upon both volume of stakers and weighting of governance votes.

ETH chain
ORN-USDT:  57.02% APR
ORN-ETH:  25.43% APR
ETH-USDT: 40.36% APR
Governance: 13.25 % APR

BSC chain
BNB-ORN:  35.68% APR
ORN-USDT:  56.64% APR
BNB-USDT:  85.40% APR
ORN-BUSD: 42.82% APR
Governance: 12.82% APR


Liquidity Providers are earning 0.2% pool fees. Governance stakers will earn 0.1% pool fees, with the funds being retroactively paid out once the new dashboard UI has been implemented.

What’s next?

Next, we’re opening up Orion Pool for any token to list on, a move that will increase the number of assets on the terminal, while driving significant awareness and volume.

As easily as providing liquidity to the likes of Uniswap or other leading swap pools, any third party project on the integrated chains will be able to list their token on Orion Pool. Unlike listing on leading swap pools, listing on Orion Pool provides a number of additional benefits to projects, including complex order types and charting, marketing support, future access to advanced features like farming, margin and lending, and more in the pipeline.

Any project is welcome, regardless of size, success, or market cap. Nearly 100 projects are already lined up to list on Orion Pool - from million to billion dollar market cap projects.

Earn with your ORN now:

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