More pools. More liquidity.

Orion Pool launched on June 22nd with five pools across ETH and BSC: ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BNB, ORN/BUSD, and ORN/ETH. Since then, Orion Terminal users have been earning rewards (currently up to ~75% APR) directly from their wallet as both Liquidity Providers and Governance Stakers.

41% of circulating ORN (11,828,269 ORN - $68million USD) has been locked into Orion Terminal.

Later this month, third party projects will be able to self-list on Orion Pool, increasing the number of assets and pairs on the terminal exponentially. A significant number of third parties are lined up to self-list on Orion Pool already, from million to billion dollar market cap projects. 

Ahead of the public roll out of Orion Pool, allowing any project to ‘self-list’, we’re adding even more liquidity pools. Similar to providing liquidity for Uniswap, LPs can now earn pool fees by providing liquidity for two more pools:


In return for providing greater liquidity to Orion Terminal, ⅔ of Orion Pool fees will be shared back to these liquidity providers. Governance Voting is now enabled on these pools.


Learn how to get started below.

Since the launch of Orion Pool, Orion Terminal is the only platform that allows decentralized access to both centralized exchanges and swap pools in one place. As usual, Orion will route all swap orders to the liquidity source with the best price: orders can even be split across multiple exchanges and liquidity sources to achieve the best possible price. Learn more.

Every liquidity pool presents a substantial source of liquidity for arbitrage opportunities between centralized and decentralized liquidity sources. On top of the opportunity to capitalize on price discrepancy arising from different exchange order books aggregated into one place, Orion Protocol has built an arbitrage bot SDK, allowing traders to easily configure their arbitrage bots for Orion Pool.



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