Buidl with Orion Builders

Orion Protocol partners with Orion Builders, an upcoming platform available for anyone to easily build crypto products powered by Orion's universal liquidity aggregator.

Orion Builders allows community members to build empowering technology on Orion Protocol with ease. It offers simple, powerful, customizable, no-code tools allowing any person with skill level to start building - not just large entities.

HELIOS' mission is to grow and enrich both the Orion community and the adoption of the Orion Protocol, with all initiatives driving protocol volume. While we continue improving the protocol, Orion Builders will #buidl. The initiative enables building via Orion SDK for deep community participation and support, as a B2C extension of Orion's B2B solutions.

Orion Builders is an independent community project built by the HELIOS team for the Orion community at large. It is a long-term, third party project with the goal to grow into a beautiful, organic and community-led extension of Orion’s product offering - enabling the community, not just large entities and established partners, to build on and contribute to protocol volume.

Orion will support Orion Builders by auditing any new smart contract. Furthermore, funds from our upcoming Orion Development Grant will be reserved to finance the development of the platform.

Orion Builders’ first product: oSwap

Wix allows anyone to build beautiful websites. Shopify makes it incredibly easy to launch an online store. With oSwap, anyone will be able to launch their own decentralized swap exchange.

One of the major difficulties of exchanges is attracting & retaining liquidity. Orion Protocol solves that liquidity problem. Orion Builders utilizes Orion's deep liquidity and makes it accessible for all.

oSwap brings something different to the market in the form of locally branded DEXs, and caters to entrepreneurs, influencers and entities wanting to enable their community to easily buy and sell certain assets. From top YouTubers to rural residents wanting to launch a custom DEX, the possibilities are endless.

With many available options for modifying language, colors, fonts, default tokens, fees, etc. each oSwap exchange will be unique, yet will use the same liquidity source - Orion Protocol.

Potential future oBuilders products

Ideas for “no-code” projects using oBuilders:

oStable: mint new branded stablecoins backed by ORN, via USDo
oPay: create QR codes to seamlessly accept payments from any token on any chain; payments automatically converted to specific token & chain
oToken: create, list and manage tokens from one place

Join the HELIOS Telegram channel to start discussing ideas directly with Helios.

Let's #BUIDL on Orion!

Orion SDK is being continuously updated to provide anyone the opportunity to build using our deep, cross-chain & cross-exchange aggregated liquidity. Projects like Orion Builders will also soon be able to apply for an Orion Development Grant. With many major milestones expected to be accomplished in 2022, now is a great time to start building on Orion.



Let us know about your ideas to build on Orion Protocol.