Orion Enterprise Trade Widget for Crypto Projects

Orion Protocol solves some of the largest issues in DeFi by aggregating the liquidity of the entire crypto market into one decentralized platform - pulling from every major centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and swapping pool.

Building on the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed, Orion’s stack of solutions address critical issues faced by businesses and consumers in the space: whether traders, exchanges, blockchains or crypto projects. 

In this content series, we’ll be explaining each of our DeFi solutions in more detail: from their respective audiences and the problems they solve, through to how they work and their token utility.


THE PROBLEM: Even non-crypto companies see that blockchain is the future. The issue is the friction caused when getting a project’s token to enterprise companies in order to pay for the project’s services.

When a non-crypto client wants to use a crypto project's services, it must pay with utility tokens. To do so, the company must buy utility tokens for cash, set up an exchange account, deposit bought crypto, purchase utility tokens on an exchange, withdraw tokens to a wallet, and then finally send tokens to the crypto company for payment. This high-friction system deters prospective clients from using crypto projects, causing a loss of business and slowing adoption.

The current alternative is for crypto projects to use a reserve, selling tokens directly from their website to non-crypto clients. This would ease friction for the non-crypto company, but would lead to the token price having no additional demand on the market: resulting in unfavorable market sentiment due to a lack of consideration for early supporters. In this scenario, the crypto project could go on exchanges to buy back tokens and replenish their reserve. However, this creates the need for a dedicated treasury management team, causing increased inefficiency, higher costs, and more employees on payroll.

THE SOLUTION: Introducing Orion Enterprise Trade Widget: the most efficient way to serve non-crypto clients by eliminating the barrier between token and client.

Middle Layer Between Projects: With Orion Enterprise Trade Widget, there’s no need for non-blockchain clients to go on to exchanges, nor any need for projects to maintain a treasury department. Orion provides a middle layer between crypto projects with utility tokens and all available liquidity of the token on the markets, while keeping the market sentiment favorable.

Quick, Seamless Token Purchase: Non-blockchain enterprise clients can enjoy seamless and quick token purchases from the open market at the best price without ever using an exchange. We enable this directly from the project’s platform or website by routing orders from all exchanges carrying the token, returning tokens for immediate use.


The token utility of each DeFi solution lies in the integral role of the ORN token within the decentralized brokerage at the core of the protocol. Every transaction across the protocol acts as a trade being carried out by a broker, a process by which brokers stake ORN to be chosen to fulfill trades. On the backend of this solution is a large order fulfilled across exchanges.



> INSTALL: Install Orion Enterprise Trade Widget on your site or platform using simple lines of code.

> CONNECT: Connect your bank account to receive fiat from non-blockchain clients. All tokens purchased by enterprise clients will go to your wallet for custody, eliminating the need for your clients to manage private keys.

> CONFIGURE: Each client that purchases tokens will have a credit available for use, allowing them to pay for your services without handling tokens or difficult transactions. You'll retain custody of the tokens, and will be sent an alert detailing the client, amount purchased, and the price paid.

> TRANSACT: Orion Enterprise Trade Widget eliminates any friction by bridging the gap between non blockchain clients and crypto projects while still maintaining the interests of all parties, bringing crypto to the mainstream by facilitating token use in traditional business.



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