It's time to Open Orion: list any asset on Orion Terminal

Following the launch of Orion Pool, our initial phase prioritized the listing of partner projects like Fantom, Holochain, COTI, Injective, and more. Over 14 spotlights, we saw on the day of listing:
- up to 33% increase in price
- up to 1,026% increase in trading volume 
- up to 2,521% increase in social volume


Now it's time to 'Open Orion': where anyone can list any assets at any time.


Listing on Orion Terminal has many industry-first benefits over popular swap pools, including:
- Fiat on/offramp
- Complex order types + charting

- Access to native farming
- Access to advanced features
- CEX + DEX access in one place
- Marketing support


From Friday January 7th at 10am ET, anyone can list any asset on Orion Terminal:
- Pools can be created ahead of then (steps below) and will be approved on January 7th
- Individuals or projects can list any asset on Orion Terminal (minimum $10k liquidity)
- Each month, the 3 most liquid pools will have ORN farming enabled for 30 days
- Automated native farming will soon be enabled (before then, projects can enquire below)



How to list an asset on Orion Terminal:


- Go to
- Click 'Create a Pool' button 
- Select the corresponding chain for your token
- Add the contract address of the token and select the asset you will pair it against
- Pools should be created with the most liquid pairs (ORN, USDT, ETH, BNB, BTC)
- We recommend pairing with USDT for full functionality across the Terminal
- Upload the corresponding icon for your token



- Add the liquidity for your token and the matched asset (50:50)
- $10k minimum per pool for approval



- Click 'Submit' and wait for the team to review
- An approval process will still be in place for security purposes
- Pools submitted prior to January 7th will be approved on the day
- Depending on the time zone, the process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours
- Pools containing tokens with any kind of extra fees for transfers and/or other operations won't be approved at this moment



- Once approved, users will be able to see the new pool, corresponding pair, and asset charts across Orion Pool, Orion Swap, and Orion Terminal



- Each month, the 3 most liquid pools will have ORN farming enabled for 30 days
- Automated native farming will soon be enabled. Before then, projects can enquire below.


Learn more in our guide here.


Apply for farming for your project.