Looking Forward in 2023: Orion Protocol and the Crypto World

Another year, another opportunity

2023 is not just a new year for all in the crypto world, it is a chance to prepare the building blocks for an exceptional year in the Web3 industry. Orion navigated through a very turbulent 2022 for cryptocurrency and crypto news, bringing you a far more mature and accomplished place to trade crypto via the best crypto exchanges in one place. All of this led by Orion's CEO, Alexey Koloskov.

One-stop shop for crypto, Bitcoin and alternative currency trading

2022: building a combined crypto industry

As we covered in our “2022 in Review” post (and also reviewed here), the Orion team has worked extremely diligently in creating outstanding additions to Orion’s product offering. Here are just a few of the things added to give you a superb trading experience on Orion in 2022.

- 4 top DEXs integrated on Orion Terminal (Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SpookySwap & QuickSwap)

- Several chains integrated (Polygon, Fantom, & OKC Main Net) + tokens

- Top CEX integrated: OKX

- 1st to decentralize AscendEX

- Curve integrated on Orion Terminal

- Launch of Orion Bridge & V2

- Launch of world’s first Virtual Order Books

+ much more

2022 reviewA big year in 2022 for Orion integrations is about to get a lot bigger in 2023

A new chance to shine in the crypto space

As we move into 2023, the work undertaken by the Orion team intensifies further. While many of the long-term objectives remain in place, the nature of Orion’s industry-first technology in the crypto industry means there is a lot of flexibility and adaptability needed in the Web3 industry as it constantly morphs and shifts around us.

This requires a high level of understanding not only of our own technology but of how the technology sits within the grand scheme of aggregated crypto trading and the overall blockchain industry and its demands.

Both Orion Bridge, the secure atomic swap L1-to-L1 bridge integrated into Orion, and Orion’s Virtual Order Books (VOBs) are testament to this as their creation optimized the way crypto trades perform using Orion Terminal - which wasn’t initially planned for. They improve the efficiency of aggregated trades and the end price for the user.

Virtual Order Books combine simple and complex trades together giving you more dollar value for your trades

Early vision to excel in blockchain technology

If you have followed Orion Since 2020, or even before then, you will know already that Orion is a gateway to the universal digital assets space.

Not only does it provide the ultimate basis for trading aggregation in the crypto world as it combines the top exchanges into one order book for the best prices, the protocol itself is used to develop that much further, covering B2B products, 18+ revenue streams, SDK and much, much more.

Orion protocol is simply a one-stop shop for your trading aggregation needs.

This is a new era for digital currencies in the global market and the dawn of a new financial world brings new light to the concept of traditional physical money and currency.

Long-term integrations

The demand for being flexible and adapting to crypto market changes and user needs remains a standout feature of Orion’s ability to develop elite products within the crypto world using blockchain technology.

Alongside this lies Orion’s fundamental core structure of integrations and resilience to keep building exceptional liquidity for the user, enabling you to connect simply with a digital wallet and make transactions. Having a fresh website layout, which is already under construction, will further enhance your ability to navigate our ecosystem with comfort and ease.

Infrastructure development

- New chain integrations:

The top blockchains available on Orion give traders a broader combined market to perform cryptocurrency trading. As the development team continues to add to Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, OKC and more, there is further reason to underline why Orion is the only trading Terminal you need within the crypto world.

Currently integrated blockchains enable traders to buy Bitcoin, ETH to add to their cryptocurrency investments

- New CEX integrations:

Adding to the “best of the best” of CEXs on Orion, such as Binance, KuCoin, OKX, AscendEX, makes sure all of that liquidity is not just available in a decentralized way to transact with but that it combines to limit slippage and create further value for your trading.

As Orion decentralizes trading, though secure smart contracts (fully audited by industry leaders CertiK), decentralized CEX access through Orion also means there is global access to decentralized services and crypto asset trading.

Combined liquidity and data from the biggest crypto exchanges in one order book

- New DEX integrations:

Adding the top DEXs and their liquidity makes use of the very sparse liquidity, which is fragmented out across multiple DEX markets and is a real hindrance for traders as low liquidity leads to high slippage. Each additional DEX which Orion adds counteracts the level of separation between locations and places them together alongside the deep liquidity of CEXs.

Decentralized exchange platforms meet with centralized exchanges in one place on Orion

- Digital assets:

With adding so many chains and exchanges in one place, Orion can constantly involve more and more tokens from many exchanges. While the process is not as straightforward as an individual decentralized or centralized exchange, as Orion aggregates multiple sources, and when in place, 2023 will see substantial additions to token assets covering several blockchains.

Orion houses an excellent amount of your favorite coins and tokens; aggregated for the best price

- Main Net Staking:

Progressing beyond the current Pre-Staking form, Main Net staking looks to provide a dependable staking option for individuals, as well as involving new and innovative ways of delivering this. Main Net staking on Orion aims to ensure the best environment for you as a staker and hodler and to provide the right experience and scenario that goes with it.

- Protocol expansion:

Orion continues to develop and update the Orion SDK: an open source repository enabling developers to build on the protocol. Its consistent progression enables a series of important developments to be added: Orion Wallet Swap SDK, Liquidity Boost Plugin, Orion Whitelabel DEX and Orion Launchpad Liquidity, to name just a few.

Terminal volume

Orion's total volume comes from several sources, not just traders and investors using the Terminal alone. As we expand the interconnected elements of the liquidity aggregator this year, each adds to the Terminal volume. Terminal volume ensures a sustainable revenue source for Orion through fees and the benefits that brings in terms of the wider ecosystem.

- B2B solutions:

Already 10+ Orion Swap Widget integrations, including CryptoSlate, Nakamoto Games and PRIMAL, we have several more already lined up to be unveiled - a sign of Orion's demand, usage and practicality among other companies with an interest around crypto and having it fused within a homepage or other location. Any website can integrate OSW, it's not just for cryptocurrency projects. If you would also like to provide your website with direct access to your token or offer the exceptional trading aggregation from Orion in a simple Widget, fill out the short form here. Make your community aware and interactive with your token by using Orion Swap Widget.

Orion’s Whitelabel DEX solution for exchanges is currently being honed as the team looks to provide a ready-made solution for CEXs wishing to be part of the decentralized crypto world and the ever-emerging DeFi alternative currency and crypto market.

- Pool listings:

Orion Pool enables anyone to provide liquidity in Orion’s pools, over and above the liquidity drawn in through the top CEXs and DEXs combined. Either add liquidity to current pools or create a new pairing (minimum $10k combined liquidity).

- SolarFlare:

The hugely successful decentralized launch solution of SolarFlare brings interaction through Orion Terminal for upcoming launches. Through the coming year, the feature becomes even more refined, enabling community access to IDOs. Staking ORN establishes access to this allocation. New markets for new projects within blockchain and the cryptocurrency world become alive thanks to Orion and its SolarFlare solution.

Industry-first features for a new kind of cryptocurrency market

Taking Orion mobile

An important element to Orion’s trading convenience and accessibility lies in its ability to be self-contained as part of a mobile app platform, providing quick and simple access on the go to cryptocurrency trading. If you have been following our Real Time Dev Update blog post, you will have followed its development. Enter Orion’s mobile crypto trading application.

Having Orion available on a mobile app taps into over 6.3 billion smartphone users in 2021, predicted to rise to 6.8 billion people, and potential customers, in 2023. Orion’s accessibility to be used in any geographic location means trading digital assets, the new form of "money," is just a click away on a dedicated Orion app, bringing unprecedented ease of use for both new and experienced traders by simply connecting your own personal wallet.

Move over stocks and investing in the stock market, here is the aggregated crypto market in your hand with Orion's mobile trading app. Whether you are financial institutions, investors, hodlers, general users, hedge funds, Bitcoin followers or more, when unveiled, Orion's app will bring ultra convenience for anyone to trade decentralized crypto assets in the palm of your hand. 2023 sees our exceptional mobile vision come to light.

Margin Trading / Lending

With centralized exchanges often leading to big issues with ownership of user funds, as we’ve seen recently in a high-profile case involving investments, business, customer funds, risks, and more. Mix that with margin trading where leverage can be substantial, the ability to access and keep ownership of your own funds is critical in the crypto world. Orion’s forthcoming high-margin trading will become another industry-first solution as Orion Terminal will earn passive income on assets by lending assets within the margin trading mechanism itself.

Partner collaborations

Orion's strong network of partnerships ensure further synergies can be built, creating brand new products with brand new use cases. From derivatives, trading bots, and more, our partner collaborations in the crypto world will bring additional functionality to an already impressive setup.

Deliver first, discuss later

Orion’s way of unveiling fresh developments changed in early 2022. The emphasis now rests with the upfront deployment of technology and trading platform features. Once live, we announce, discuss and educate the community about it.

This approach places absolute transparency upon undoubted delivery and output, showing actual results, not just promised possibilities for the future.

A prime example of this is already showing on Orion Terminal, where an integration already provides functionality, yet an official announcement is still to come. Have you seen what it is

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