Orion Protocol: the ultimate crypto trading experience

Trading on DeFi protocols can be a cumbersome experience - whether you are an experienced trader or a first-time user. With a variety of platforms accessible to traders, from CEXs and DEXs to individual DeFi projects, there is a need for a platform to facilitate trading without compromising on security. 

Orion Protocol offers everything a trader needs for a smooth trading experience. Through an easy-to-use platform packed with features like Orion Bridge and Orion Terminal, users can tap into the deepest liquidity in the market at the best prices with minimal slippage. Orion is a platform easily integrating ongoing advances in DeFi while raising the bar to set a new standard for security in crypto trading. For any trader seeking a simplified platform that will also leverage crypto’s ongoing growth, Orion provides the ultimate crypto trading experience.

The Orion trading experience


The Orion trading experience prioritizes the trader’s asset security. Protecting market participants’ funds is paramount in DeFi and Orion does so by leveraging a single core functionality of its platform: non-custodial wallet connection. On the protocol, users interact with exchanges through their digital wallet. Market participants do not need to create an account or delegate asset custody to partake in these exchanges, safeguarding important crypto assets as well as personal data and credentials. 

Moreover, non-custodial wallets allow for unique protection against hacks. As CEXs run on centralized servers, their systems are prone to single point of failure risks. A single hack could shut down the entire infrastructure or lead to theft of customers’ information. Digital wallet integration allows Orion users to interact with CEXs without being exposed to the risk of storing information on vulnerable servers.


Acting as a CEXs and DEXs aggregator, Orion Protocol unlocks access to deep liquidity and a variety of assets all in one place. While many protocols focus on aggregating DEXs or requiring personal information to interact on CEXs, there is a need in the market for a platform to bridge previously fragmented exchanges. 

With Orion, traders do not need to switch between different protocols, platforms and aggregators to access a superior selection of digital assets and pools. Orion’s exchange aggregation gives users access to assets on Binance, OKX, KuCoin and AscendEX over the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon networks. Orion offers a complete selection of exchanges and assets to trade with, all in one platform within one single order book.


Through an intricate back-end integration process, the Orion team constantly works towards growing the platform and bringing additional value to users. Orion can easily scale to new blockchains and exchanges, tapping into new resources and expanding its current pool of assets.  Complementary value proposals allow for exponential and scalable growth of the Orion protocol as the greater the growth of the ecosystem and exchanges, the greater the value offering of aggregating platforms.

Ease of Use

The use of non-custodial wallets easily translates into an easy-to-use trader experience. Not only is the feature a strong security indicator, digital wallets are also catalysts to a seamless cross-platform connection; users do not need to create multiple accounts on each respective exchange or swap pools. They can therefore control their assets, identity and trading experience without hopping from one protocol to the next. The Orion Terminal, Bridge and Swap features can facilitate any user’s needs while staying within one ecosystem.

Tight Spreads

Orion’s ability to aggregate CEXs and DEXs’ order books into one allows users to trade with a tight spread. The protocol’s proprietary smart router finds the best bid-ask price to efficiently minimize the price differences market participants consider while performing trades.  Every exchange the protocol is connected to competes with others to give the most accurate price for sellers and buyers, allowing for clear visibility on unique arbitrage opportunities as well. With the help of the Orion Terminal, traders can identify these opportunities across the crypto market and capitalize on them through one interface.

Growing opportunities on Orion

Being part of the Orion ecosystem is synonymous with partaking in a growing environment. Orion’s economic moat is central to this growth opportunity: being the most sophisticated decentralized aggregator that includes CEXs, DEXs and swap pools. 

Orion merges the decentralizing perks of digital wallets and blockchain with the readily available liquidity pools of CeFi and DeFi. Considering Orion’s first mover advantage, the protocol is set for continuous expansion as it onboards other exchanges, chains, and digital assets. As integrated platforms grow, so does the depth and versatility of Orion

The protocol’s growth capabilities are not limited to trading. In the future, Orion protocol will aggregate NFTs with its NFT aggregator, allowing buyers and sellers of ERC-721 tokens to find the best platforms for trading these assets. The possibilities of expansion for Orion are endless as it explores new sub industries like DeFi and Play2Earn.

In the heart of the Orion ecosystem’s growth lies opportunities for ORN holders. Through the token’s deflationary staking model, users will be able to earn a lucrative APR with the forthcoming Main Net Staking feature. By providing liquidity to the protocol’s governance token, users will benefit from Orion’s growth and increasing Daily Protocol Volume through the carefully crafted tokenomics of the staking platform.

The ultimate trading experience

At crypto’s core is an ethos that embodies decentralization, ownership, and freedom. Orion Protocol supports this vision by connecting fragmented markets through an easy-to-use, secure, scalable and decentralized trading platform that is opening new possibilities.

Orion has a unique competitive advantage that lays the foundation for a new DeFi trading terminal that is robust and adaptable. Users now have the option to trade on a platform that demands security and supports integrations with novel developments in the industry. Orion is a platform designed to simplify trading crypto, and is building the ultimate trading experience in the process.

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