As of June 22nd at 5pm UTC, Orion Pool is now live on Orion Terminal, creating a single UI for swapping, trading, staking, and governance voting.

Orion has developed its own AMM solution, Orion Pool, allowing assets to be traded on Orion Terminal via liquidity pools rather than a traditional market of buyers and sellers. Orion Pool is now fully integrated into the Terminal, allowing traders a single UI for trading, swapping, staking, and governance voting. 

Orion's Main Net Pre-Staking is now live with the launch of Orion Pool. As either Liquidity Providers or Governance Stakers, ORN token holders can enjoy staking rewards, governance, and added utility directly from the Terminal, without losing custody of their ORN.

Learn how to get started below.

View our resources page here.


Join the Pools on Orion Terminal:

Visit the Pools section here on Orion Terminal: trade.orionprotocol.io/pools


What you need to know:

  • Staking will occur directly between your wallet and the staking smart contract. If your funds are in the terminal smart contract, please withdraw to your wallet before staking.
  • Orion Pool will launch with ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BUSD + ORN/BNB
  • Orion Pool is made up of Liquidity Providers + Governance Stakers
    • Liquidity Providers (multi-asset staking)
      • Receive Liquidity Mining rewards, spread across the multiple ORN pools (BNB, BUSD, USDT, ETH)
      • LPs provide 50:50 ORN and the matched asset.
      • Liquidity providers for Orion Pool will benefit from multiple sources of income: swap fees from the AMM pool, farming rewards via Orion’s Liquidity Mining program, and ORN staking rewards generated from all of Orion’s products.
      • This will yield higher APRs, but as per any liquidity pool, impermanent loss can occur.
    • Governance Stakers (single-asset staking)
      • Earn rewards by ‘voting’ with ORN only on the pools to receive higher rewards.
      • Liquidity Mining rewards will be spread between each pool according to the amount of votes they have, allowing ORN holders to determine the rate of rewards each pool receives.
  • On top of staking rewards, Orion Pool fees (0.3%) will be shared back to participants, with ⅔ going to Liquidity Providers and ⅓ going to Governance Stakers.
  • There is no minimum/maximum to stake, nor any minimum/maximum lock up period.
  • For existing LPs on Uniswap, we’ve created a module to make it easy to transfer liquidity from Uniswap in the click of a button. This will enable existing LPs to automatically transfer liquidity, making it significantly easier to pre-stake. 
  • Orion Pool will initially be compatible with ETH and BSC. As more chains are integrated (with Cardano, Fantom, Polkadot, Avalanche, Elrond, and HECO upcoming), this will expand to include their native assets.

Through this development, Orion Terminal is the only platform that allows decentralized access to both centralized exchanges and swap pools in one place. As usual, Orion will route all swap orders to the liquidity source with the best price: orders can even be split across multiple exchanges and liquidity sources to achieve the best possible price. Learn more.

Every liquidity pool presents a substantial source of liquidity for arbitrage opportunities between centralized and decentralized liquidity sources. On top of the opportunity to capitalize on price discrepancy arising from different exchange order books aggregated into one place, Orion Protocol has built an arbitrage bot SDK, allowing traders to easily configure their arbitrage bots for Orion Pool.


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