It’s time for the next stage of Orion Terminal.

Orion Pool V1 launched last month, creating a single interface for swapping, trading, staking, and governance on Orion Terminal. Currently, LPs are providing liquidity for a number of set pools, including ORN/BNB, ORN/BUSD, ORN/USDT and ORN/ETH.  

We’ve seen incredible uptake on this, with 45% of circulating ORN locked (13m ORN | $80 million) on the terminal, with users earning up to 85% APR. 

With this launch, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform to enable decentralized access to centralized and decentralized liquidity sources in one place. Users can seamlessly trade across Orion Pool, CEXs, and DEXs directly from their wallet (without KYC and regardless of jurisdiction), and the order will always be routed to the liquidity source with the best price.

But this was just the start.



Orion Pool V2 launches on Tuesday, August 3rd, with a significant number of projects lined up to list on Orion Terminal via Orion Pool - from million to billion dollar market cap projects. This move marks the next stage for Orion: expanding assets and volume on the terminal significantly. Learn more here.

As easily as providing liquidity to the likes of Uniswap or other leading swap pools, any third party project on integrated chains can list their token on Orion Terminal via Orion Pool with ANY asset. Unlike listing on leading swap pools, self-listing on Orion Pool provides a number of industry-first benefits to projects, including:

  • Global access to asset across CEX + DEX liquidity
  • Spotlight feature and marketing support
  • Complex order types and charting via Orion Terminal + Orion Swap
  • Future access to advanced features like margin and lending 
  • Native asset farming (of asset and/or ORN)
  • and more in the pipeline.

Orion Pool V2 Roll Out:

A core feature of Orion Pool V2 will be ‘Spotlight Projects’. With nearly 100 projects lined up to list, we will initially roll out listings over time to focus on 'Spotlight' projects for maximum exposure across communities. Becoming a Spotlight project enables:

  • Exclusive ‘Spotlight’ feature’ on Orion Pool 
  • Native asset farming, rewarding users with the native asset and/or ORN on top of pool fees
  • Co-marketing with Orion, including:
    • PR and marketing
    • Trading competitions
    • Livestream + social AMAs
    • Learn + Earns
  • Access to Orion’s vast network of over 60+ ecosystem partners to connect with and explore synergies

While any project can list on Orion Pool, Spotlight Projects will be chosen on a limited basis through partnerships and community voting. ‘Spotlight’ placements will initially be reserved for core partners, but will be opened up to other pools and projects based on applications. 

Any projects can submit for listings from August 3rd, with a review process in place initially to manage the on-boarding of new assets. We will remove this vetting process in time to allow any project or individual to instantly create a pool, with regular auditing and reviews in place to ensure the safety of Orion Terminal users. Apply ahead of time here.


How does Orion Pool V2 benefit projects?

Pre-IDO to billion dollar market cap projects are lined up to list on Orion Pool because of the industry-first benefits it provides over leading swaps:

Pre-IDO: Orion has a number of established launchpad partners. Ahead of the launch of Orion Launchpad Liquidity, Orion is working with leading launchpads to funnel incubated projects to Orion Pool as their primary listing instead of leading swaps, providing significant benefits like complex charting and order types across Orion Terminal and Orion Swap, marketing support, spotlighting, and native farming. This extends to recently launched and smaller market cap projects, too.

Established Projects: Even some of the largest projects in the space are coming on board as they realize the benefits from a listing on Orion Pool. As Orion provides global access to centralized and decentralized exchange liquidity, this provides larger projects' communities one platform to trade their asset across CEXs + DEXs, directly from their wallet and regardless of jurisdiction. Additionally, these projects can utilize advanced features like Orion's white label native farming solution, as well as decentralized high-margin trading and lending when available.


How does Orion Pool V2 reward participants?

  • Liquidity Providers for new pools will earn 0.3% of pool fees, in line with providing liquidity to leading pools like Uniswap. 
  • In addition to pool fees, native farming will be available for spotlight projects to encourage liquidity and volume to projects’ pools, while further rewarding LPs with the native asset and/or ORN.


How does Orion Pool V2 benefit Orion and the wider community?

  • Rapid onboarding of assets to Orion Terminal, increasing trading pairs exponentially
  • Greater community choice over the assets onboarded
  • Any individual will soon be able to create their own asset pool
  • Global accessibility of your favorite assets
  • Arbitrage across CEX + DEX liquidity sources
  • Greater visibility of Orion + partners

Are you a project wanting to list on Orion Terminal? Learn how here.

Are you a community member looking to get your favorite project's token on Orion Pool? Nominate them here

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