Orion x Push Protocol: Pushing Crypto Trading Innovation to Web3

Orion Protocol, the world’s most advanced liquidity aggregator which combines centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and swap pools, partners with Push Protocol to mark the launch of their BNB Chain integration.

Orion partners with Push, adding new Web3 notification services to the Orion ecosystem, enabling wallet-to-wallet communication of Orion’s important news and updates centered around crypto trading and crypto exchange development.

With 70k+ total Push subscribers, the partnership provides the utmost convenience and user experience for Orion Protocol users about the trading platform of Orion Terminal and its aggregation technology. The pairing also creates awareness for new traders discovering Orion using Push. Subscribers will receive real-time notifications for new events and major developments directly through blockchain technology. If you're Bitcoin trading, or trading other digital assets using your own wallet on Orion Terminal, the Orion x Push partnership brings two worlds together: trading and updated news.

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Bringing Web3 native notification and messaging to users across the BNB ecosystem

Innovators in the cryptocurrency trading space are always looking for new ways to make the experience more user-friendly and efficient.

Orion Protocol and Push Protocol are two companies teaming up to do just that. By collaborating on various use cases, both teams bring Web3 native notification and messaging to users across the BNB ecosystem. This will help make trading cryptocurrencies more accessible and convenient for everyone involved by increasing the access of information around it.

Trading digital assets through cryptocurrency wallets being owned by the user when connecting to Orion Terminal, means the combination with Push Protocol enhances that communication between user and Orion.


Why Push Protocol for crypto traders?

Push Protocol is a secure, open communication layer that enables decentralized applications to send push notifications from wallet-to-wallet. Subscribers are directly tied to their wallet addresses and any subscriber will then receive all of the news of Orion’s channel by opting in.

Orion joins other top launch collaborators, including 1inch Network, SushiSwap, SecondLive and others.

”We are delighted to partner with Push Protocol to involve a new way of communicating with our community through Web3. This is the first stage of a continued partnership and we are excited to work with the Push team on future developments.” - Orion Protocol CEO, Alexey Koloskov.

How does the BNB Chain integration work?

The addition of BNB Chain for Orion and Push users means that notification services from Push, provide a seamless and decentralized Web3 UI experience through a user friendly interface. Notifications are sent directly to user wallets on the BNB Chain (or Ethereum) in real-time, and users can update their settings via Web3.

Users will access Orion Protocol news directly through Push Protocol. By enabling direct links between the two services, users will have an easy way to access all the news and updates related to Orion Protocol via the BNB Chain.

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Benefits of using Orion x Push Protocol for trading crypto

  • Quickly subscribe to Orion’s cryptocurrency exchange news through Push

  • Real-time notifications sent directly to user wallets

  • Seamless and decentralized Web3 UI experience

  • Easy way to access news and updates related to Orion Protocol via BNB Chain

  • Secure, open communication layer that enables decentralized applications

The advantages of utilizing Orion Protocol and Push in Web3 for crypto exchange

Orion Protocol and Push Protocol have joined forces to create further access points of communication through blockchain technology, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the latest news related to Orion Protocol. This then combines your crypto portfolio and the major project news in one location.

By utilizing a secure, open communication layer that enables decentralized applications, users can have direct access to their wallets and receive notifications in real-time whether in performing a crypto trade or not.

The partnership between Orion and Push will provide an accessible user experience that is seamless and decentralized. Through their integration with BNB Chain, Orion and Push provide users with an unprecedented level of accessibility, convenience, and security for their trading activities.

With real-time notifications sent directly to user wallets, as well as the ability to access the Orion dashboard from within Push Protocol, traders don’t need to worry about missing out on important news or updates ever again.

This partnership marks a major step forward for Web3 technology in enabling secure, open communication between decentralized applications.

How to get started with following Orion for the latest cryptocurrency trading news using Push Protocol within the BNB ecosystem

Push users can opt into Orion’s channel by following the "How to start using Push Notifications?" guide on the Push website.

  1. Visit app.push.org

  2. Connect your wallet and head to the ‘Channels’ section

  3. Find the Orion Protocol channel, click on ‘Opt-in’

  4. All done! Orion’s notifications will be sent out to you as they happen

Watch out for Orion's channel going live in the next couple of days!

NOTE: Subscribing to Orion’s channel is a completely off-chain process and doesn’t require any gas fees from you (zero fees/zero transaction costs). All you really need to do is simply sign the opt-in transaction.

About Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol is the chain-agnostic protocol building the single point of access to the crypto market - powered by Orion’s Universal Liquidity Aggregator. Orion Protocol is the first, and only, platform to provide decentralized access to CEXs, DEXs, and swap pools in one place, directly from users’ wallets. As the first cross-chain, cross-exchange trading Terminal in market, Orion Terminal aggregates siloed liquidity into one place.

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About Push Protocol

Push is the communication protocol of Web3. Push protocol enables cross-chain notifications and messaging for dApps, wallets, and services tied to wallet addresses in an open, gasless, and platform-agnostic fashion. The open communication layer allows any crypto wallet/frontend to tap into the network and get the communication across.


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