Orion Swap Widget: aggregated cryptocurrency prices on your website

Orion Swap Widget brings the gateway to the universal crypto market to your website in under fifteen minutes, giving users deep aggregated prices from the largest CEXs and DEXs in one place. Convenient and simplistic, yet powerful and unique; all connectable with the user’s own wallet globally and installation is free to implement.



Orion Protocol’s developers have created an industry-first liquidity aggregator which provides the basis for which the Orion Swap Widget functions, giving the user a seamless interaction with the top digital assets and coin price of their choice right from the host’s web page.

Whereas other cryptocurrency CEXs, DEXs and widgets resort to the limitations of fragmented liquidity sources which severely hamper user-experience, the depth and accuracy of Orion's potent exchange sources continues to grow exponentially, providing an ever-improving price availability for users. Note: this ability to combine each connected exchange remains unmatched for other cryptocurrency exchanges due to the underlying nature of fragmentation.

This is because Orion continually adds not just crypto assets, but something which sets Orion apart from anywhere else - the exceptional ability to combine and aggregate the exchanges themselves, ensuring that any particular cryptocurrency comes with the deepest liquidity provided to the user.


Aggregated liquidity sources on Orion Terminal


The efficient price data is already optimized and provided in the background by Orion's smart-routing technology to calculate the best price for a trade from several internal categories and elements. Orion's developers also created the groundbreaking Virtual Order Books (VOBs) for further enhancement of any price reached - partly responsible for the detailed accuracy and intricacy of Orion's price points.


Integrated CEXs & DEXs

- Binance

- KuCoin


- Uniswap

- PancakeSwap

- QuickSwap

- SpookySwap

- AscendEX


Connected CEXs and DEXs through Orion's liquidity aggregator


Cryptocurrency markets in one place

Fragmentation of digital asset liquidity through siloed cryptocurrency exchanges and across jurisdictions is a major flaw of the blockchain industry, whether it's for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Accessibility for users into the crypto world remains needlessly inadequate with individuals forced to accept a scenario of opening up endless new accounts while constantly jumping between profiles on several CEXs or DEXs - in addition to handing over personal data and private keys in the process with CEXs, just to acquire a limited volume of digital assets from a number of multiple third-parties/brands individually.

Orion solves this monumentally problematic issue by combining these large centralized and decentralized order books together, and better still, through the simplistic ease of Orion Swap Widget over several blockchains: BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Ethereum.


Security and reliability

Security remains Orion Protocol's most important aspect, which is why any transaction takes place in a secure smart contract via Orion's Delegated Proof of Broker Network. The DPoB mechanism is the foundation to which transactions facilitate on Orion, the sign of which ensures the protocol can adopt the most secure method of exchanging any token or coin.


Safe assets, less risk


Why have the top cryptocurrency prices in a Swap Widget?

The ultimate accessibility route to the top trade prices means users aren't burdened with further time-consuming actions of visiting a number of additional sites or a specific app to find the crypto market needed each time. Orion Swap Widget reduces friction for the web host and user by enabling a direct route to the project's token which fuels their ecosystem, immediately from their own web page.

Want to give your users their wish of interacting with the advice on your site while being able to buy, sell, and exchange at the best prices? Orion Swap Widget delivers that demand abundantly. Whether you're giving investment advice, crypto news updates, chart information or even selling games, Orion Swap Widget works on any web page, anywhere across the globe. This gives business owners and app builders the flexibility to offer the greatest accessibility to supply universal crypto assets directly on their web page to users.


Crypto Nezo's integration of Orion Swap Widget


How much is crypto worth right now?

This is a question often raised throughout the blockchain community and in the news as part of today's modern Web3 society, emerging against assets of yesteryear in gold and silver. Quickly find out the best market price for your trade using Orion Swap Widget.

Choose your tokens, enter the amount, and the current price through Orion's Widget displays. From here, connect your wallet and make the buy/sell trade. Calculated from several exchange locations in one, Orion brings instant value to your user, and you as a host.


Swap USDT for BTC on Orion Swap Widget


All of this functionality solely features on the host's web page, without needing to go elsewhere and accept a needlessly difficult option for a trade. Quick, effective, secure access to top crypto prices to trade in the digital currency of their choice.


How an increase in Swap Widget transactions benefits ORN holders

Use of Orion's B2B Enterprise Solutions, such as Orion Swap Widget, adds to the Daily Protocol Volume through the liquidity aggregator. The adoption of these solutions creates a rise in transaction fees which, when Orion's Main Net Staking is released in the future, flow back to individuals staking their ORN. It is also an indicator of the dominance Orion will have through volume compared to the rest of the industry as it grows.

As the transactional volumes through the aggregator become more significant, the potential benefits to these stakers staking their ORN may become lucrative. Whereas centralized entities keep fees to themselves, Orion enables a share of these fees to flow to ORN stakers with no ceiling to the possibilities for volume growth: the sign of a new era called real yield, generated through the innovative services/streams that Orion provides.

Each Swap Widget installed creates an additional point of access to Orion, and to the top cryptocurrency prices through decentralized aggregation. Market participants have the ability to trade one cryptocurrency to another more frequently, ensuring higher quality of trading services through Orion's exceptional aggregation technology.


Community questions: Orion Swap Widget | trade | money | crypto market cap | crypto prices

What affects cryptocurrency prices of the crypto market and on the Swap Widget?

Cryptocurrencies have several determinants: they are most significant in supply and demand, shortage, utility of coins, reputation, community assistance and regulations. Market capitalization shows how a cryptocurrency can display its value and rank its relative worth. Market capitalization may indicate the popularity of cryptocurrencies and market dominance. Market capitalization can be measured by market value and circulations of coins.

Orion Swap Widget "simply" combines each source of liquidity through Orion's aggregator and makes the trade functionality available to users on any web page - all through the security of a user's own wallet.

Is market cap relevant for the Swap Widget?

Market capitalization shows how a cryptocurrency can show its relative worth and rank its relative value. Market capitalization can be measured by market significance and circulations of coins, which is why topics such as coin circulating supply and price are often a subject of conversation - not directly relatable to Swap Widget usage.


Benefit today from Orion’s first Enterprise Solution

- Retain user attention; boost user engagement

- Simplify your sales funnel; lower your bounce rate

- Increase conversion rates, increase revenue

- Easy trading of your token directly on your website

- Zero upfront costs, zero maintenance costs

- Seamless access to top liquidity sources: Binance, OKX, KuCoin, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, AscendEX, QuickSwap, SpookySwap

- Multiple chains: BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Ethereum + more to come

- Best prices powered by the world’s most advanced liquidity aggregator to date

 How to launch your own trading widget

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  4. Increase your sales 

Try it for yourself. Add Orion Swap Widget to your site and be part of the future of crypto trading: with your own wallet, accessing centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and swap pools in one place for the best aggregated prices in the industry.

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