Orion Terminal: Phase One is LIVE

First of all, we would like to thank our community for your support to date. What started as an ambitious plan in 2018 to decentralize CEX liquidity became a mission to create the first decentralized portal to the entire crypto market: Orion Terminal.

Today, this plan has become a real, working product. It's the first of its kind, and is something we as a team are incredibly proud to be a part of. We hope you are too. We will be scaling as fast as possible, while focusing on safety and security.

The complexity of streamlining the process of a trade directly from your wallet, routed via our order matching engine and liquidity aggregator, executed and cleared by a broker, with funds sent back to your wallet can’t be overlooked. Even that is incredibly simplified considering everything we have built to date, and everything in our roadmap. The development team has worked tirelessly to get this product in the hands of users in Q4, and we’re proud to have achieved that today. 

Access to the first phase of the terminal is prioritized based on share ranking through a referral scheme. Apply below to generate your referral link: every new sign-up via your link will increase your ranking, with priority access awarded to those with the highest ranking. New users will gain access each week.

Our full, widespread launch will be available for anyone to use in Q1. User acquisition is a critical aspect of our go to market strategy, and a phased roll out allows us to build our user base: more users benefit everyone within the ecosystem in the long run. Meanwhile, this approach ensures we have the most robust product possible upon widespread launch.

While phase one will be fully functional in terms of the ability to trade, deposit, withdraw, etc, more features, brokers, and trading pairs will be added continually over the following month, including ORN staking in Q1. Additional features to be added to the terminal next year include lending, margin trading, leveraged ETFs, derivatives, contract trading, NFTs, and staking of any digital asset type. 

Didn't gain access yet? With nearly ten thousand applicants for phase one, we’ll be adding more participants each day - alongside continuous developments to the terminal ahead of our widespread launch. 

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Orion Terminal is here. Sign up to gain access.