Holochain makes decentralized computing possible in a very efficient way. It provides the underlying cryptographic fabric to maintain data integrity across unlimited peers without requiring consensus. Also, Holochain enables scalable double-entry crypto-accounting to build new generations of asset-backed and value-stable cryptocurrencies. A Holochain innovative mutual credit accounting system allows the implementation of Orion’s accounting and settlement modules in a transparent, efficient, and secure manner.

Orion will provide trading and exchange functionality for HOT, and subsequently HoloFuel via their Trading Terminal. Orion will also be a recommended exchange for the Holo community. As the Orion settlement is built on the same double-entry crypto accounting system that HoloFuel is based on, enabling HoloFuel trading will be the natural path for integrating Orion in the Holo ecosystem.

Furthermore, Orion will support all projects building on Holochain with listing their tokens on Orion, as well as providing purchase support and trading functionality for their tokens through Orion’s platform. Orion will serve as a key exchange for Holochain related tokens.

There are several areas of the Orion solution initially built with Holochain, including but not limited to:

● Trader Escrow — enables trading from a trader’s cold wallet by implementing an escrow account and atomic swap, supporting different blockchains

● Brokers — settlement and clearing logic between Orion and Brokers, opens positions of traders.

● Staking Liquidity Pool — a sophisticated liquidity provider selection algorithm

The first module is the Orion-Broker decentralized settlement application, that is already built and is currently in Alpha. When a new order enters Orion through its distributed matchers and relayers, the protocol looks for the best broker to execute parts of the order on different exchanges. Upon receiving the order, a broker validates it to assure that the trader has enough funds locked to fulfill the order. Valid orders are signed by both counter-parties and stored in their local chains, and also shared with the public addressable distributed hash table (DHT), among other agents.

Subsequent trades for each order occurring on a broker’s exchange account are also mutually signed by Orion and a particular broker, which is then stored in the immutable hash chain. Both trades and orders are recorded as double-entry accounting records to the source chains of each agent participating in the transaction, and used in clearing intervals to redeem outstanding withdrawals from brokers’ accounts.

We’re very excited to work together with Holo moving forward. We truly believe that this partnership will sufficiently allow us to tackle our goals and vision long term in the DeFi landscape, and we are happy to provide our services to Holo and their ecosystem. We look forward to a bright future together!


About Orion

About Holochain/Holo

Holochain is a scalable agent-centric computing framework for creating and powering distributed applications, incorporating peer-to-peer content distribution protocol, cryptography, and hash tables. Holochain is a data integrity engine in which transactions are immutable and users control their own identity and data “chain.” Holo is a marketplace and distributed hosting platform that allows Holochain app developers to have their applications hosted by HoloHosts, thus making them available to everyday users of the Internet.

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