Orion Protocol + Boson Protocol

Through an integration between Orion Protocol and Boson Protocol, Orion Terminal traders can...

Kal Ali | Oct 30 2020

Kal Ali

Orion Protocol Continues Pre-Staking Beyond Three Month Campaign.

Orion Protocol will be continuing the pre-staking beyond the campaign at 20% APR for another month....

Yanush Ali | Oct 22 2020

Yanush Ali

Orion Protocol an Innovation Sponsor of Blockchain Revolution Global.

Orion Protocol Announces Innovation Sponsorship of Blockchain Revolution Global summit.

Yanush Ali | Oct 21 2020

Yanush Ali

ORN: Polkastarter is First to use Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin.

Orion Protocol announces Polkastarter as the first partner to use Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin,...

Timothea Horwell | Oct 21 2020

Timothea Horwell

Binance AMA Summary

Orion Protocol was welcomed to the Binance English Telegram Group for an AMA, with their 130,000...

Timothea Horwell | Oct 19 2020

Timothea Horwell

Certik Audits Orion Terminal’s Main Net

Orion Terminal, the decentralized gateway to the entire crypto market developed by Orion Protocol,...

Timothea Horwell | Oct 15 2020

Timothea Horwell

Orion Protocol Launches Decentralized Staking

Orion Protocol's Decentralized Staking is Here.

Yanush Ali | Oct 13 2020

Yanush Ali

Orion Announces Strategic Integration with Kira Network

Kira Network and Orion Protocol announce a strategic integration to allow for non-custodial staking...

Timothea Horwell | Oct 8 2020

Timothea Horwell

Orion Announces Exclusive Integration with Chainlink

Orion Protocol Integrates with Chainlink to Fully Collateralize Orion’s Decentralized Brokerage....

Timothea Horwell | Oct 7 2020

Timothea Horwell