AllianceBlock: Spotlight Project on Orion Terminal

It’s #ALBTDay on Orion Terminal! Trading and farming is now enabled for ALBT on the ETH chain.

What is AllianceBlock?

AllianceBlock is creating the future of finance, seamlessly bringing DeFi and TradFi together. The combination of both entities forms the compliance gateway which will unlock trillions of dollars in capital. Through a multi-layered blockchain agnostic approach AllianceBlock streamlines the process of transferring capital between regulated and opaque markets.

Orion Protocol’s mission is to create a sustainable future of DeFi, which requires mainstream adoption of the space. Traditional finance entities have been slow to capitalize on crypto markets due to a fragmented market structure, alongside issues of security, compliance, and regulations. Working with AllianceBlock, Orion Protocol will provide the likes of private banks, wealth managers, and funds a singular, compliant, and non-custodial point of access to the crypto market - funneling new users and significant capital into the space.

Users can start farming and trading ALBT on Orion Terminal across multiple liquidity sources (centralized and decentralized) for the best price every time. 

Excited about the launch of ALBT on Orion Terminal? We are too. As part of our ALBTday, we’ll be sharing exclusive content, competitions, and more throughout #ALBTDay, with an opportunity to win prizes on Orion’s Telegram at 4pm ET. 


Orion x AllianceBlock Collaboration

AllianceBlock and Orion Protocol are underway with an industry-first integration aimed at offering traditional finance entities a singular, compliant, and non-custodial gateway to the entire crypto market - accelerating blockchain’s mainstream adoption. The partnership between AllianceBlock and Orion Protocol presents an industry-changing opportunity to offer compliant, non-custodial, and streamlined access to DeFi to a multitude of traditional finance entities, including private banks, wealth managers, and funds.

Furthermore, Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin, one of Orion Protocol’s powerful B2B products, will be integrated into AllianceBlock’s DEX, providing endless liquidity to AllianceBlock’s order books. Every transaction occuring via partner exchanges will result in a transaction on Orion Protocol, driving Daily Protocol Volume ahead of Main Net Staking.

Orion Protocol will also participate in AllianceBlock’s Liquidity Mining Partnership Program, creating further access to ORN across our partner’s emerging decentralized exchange. In addition, Orion will provide ORN liquidity to the ALBT/ORN pool on the AllianceBlock DEX once it is live.

Both projects working in tandem puts decentralized finance at the focal point of change, providing traditional finance an open and transparent route to DeFi. Orion Protocol and AllianceBlock continue to advance the possibilities of DeFi and steer the crypto industry to new and important milestones..


About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock aims to transform capital markets, creating a simple and compliant gateway between regulated and opaque markets. The multi-layered and blockchain agnostic protocol enables a smooth way of allowing derivatives to be easily created out of almost any traditional asset, utility token, security token, cryptocurrency and more.

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