Trade and Farm BUX on Orion Terminal now

BUX Crypto is a user-friendly platform enabling people to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies and offers deposits and withdrawals in either Euros or Crypto. Commission-free, and offering the most popular cryptocurrencies, BUX let’s you buy crypto like shopping online; simply and securely.

The BUX/USDT pool is now live on Orion Terminal (BSC), with native farming enabled. Trade and farm BUX on Orion Terminal now:


  • BUX/USDT now live on BSC network (BEP20)
  • 10,000 BUX per week for 4 weeks
  • Total: 40,000 BUX
  • 0.3% pool fees on top of farming rewards

Trade BUX | Provide Liquidity

As easily as providing liquidity to the likes of Uniswap or other leading swap pools, any project on integrated chains can list their token on Orion Terminal via Orion Pool. 

  • Global access to asset across CEX + DEX liquidity
  • Spotlight feature and marketing support
  • Complex order types and charting
  • Future access to advanced features like margin and lending 
  • Native asset farming (of asset and/or ORN)
  • Best price across CEX + DEX
  • and more in the pipeline.


Learn how to create a pool here.

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