DAOMaker: Spotlight Project on Orion Pool

It’s #DAOday on Orion Terminal! Trading and native farming is now enabled for four pools: DAO/USDT, LSS/USDT, XCAD/USDT, and FEAR/USDT.


What is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors. DAO Maker has created a compliant, retail-oriented funding platform, while pioneering in-built downside protection mechanisms for buyers and acceleration tools to boost success for startups. Over 2+ years, DAO Maker's platform has raised nearly $40M for projects with a cumulative market cap of over $3.5 billion, including Alice, Orion Protocol, and Elrond. 


Today, DAO Maker joined Orion Pool, alongside incubated projects:

  • Lossless: The first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators, Lossless Protocol freezes fraudulent transactions based on a set of fraud identification parameters and returns stolen funds back to the owner’s account.
  • Fear: Fear specializes in transforming existing (noncrypto) games into play to earn models with NFTs onto the blockchain. Their Launchpad allows users to play multiple play-to-earn games under one ecosystem, the FEAR ecosystem.
  • XCAD: ​​Xcademy plans to revolutionize creator monetization by creating a tokenized economy and marketplace.
  • DAO Maker will continue to funnel incubated projects to Orion Pool.


DAOday on Orion Terminal

DAO/USDT, LSS/USDT, XCAD/USDT, and FEAR/USDT pools are now live on Orion Pool. Users can start trading these assets on Orion Terminal across multiple liquidity sources (centralized and decentralized) for the best price every time. Users can now:

  • Global access in one place across CEX + DEX
  • No account, no KYC
  • Trade at the best price, every time
  • Provide liquidity for the pools and earn 0.3% pool fees
  • Earn farming rewards on top of pool fees
  • Future access to advanced features like margin and lending


Excited about the launch of DAO + co on Orion Terminal? We are too. To mark this day, we’ll be sharing exclusive content, competitions, and more throughout #DAOday, with an opportunity to win DAO, LSS, XCAD, and NEAR on Orion’s Telegram at 4.30pm ET. 



Orion x DAO Maker Partnership

Orion Protocol recently announced DAO Maker as one of the first partners to utilize Orion Launchpad Liquidity: enabling DAO Maker to list incubated projects on DAO Pad with the liquidity of the entire market.

Orion Protocol will aggregate the liquidity of every exchange into one decentralized platform: providing a decentralized gateway to the entire market. Its liquidity solutions for crypto projects, blockchains, and exchanges built include Orion Launchpad Liquidity for incubators. 

With Orion’s solution, incubated projects can raise funds on the launchpad platform, and list on the launchpad’s swap immediately afterwards: reducing friction, improving customer experience, and generating revenue.

DAO Maker has created a compliant, retail-oriented funding platform, while pioneering in-built downside protection mechanisms for buyers and acceleration tools to boost success for startups. Orion Launchpad Liquidity will allow DAO Maker to further streamline their launchpad process: enabling the fundraising, token distribution, and listing on the secondary market all on the DAO Maker platform.

Projects fundraising on DAO Maker will have the option to deposit liquidity to DAO Maker's multi-investment platform, thereby creating an additional avenue for long-term token access. Post fundraise, the DAO Maker platform will carry native liquidity of incubated assets on DAO Swap. As well as improving the user experience, Orion Launchpad Liquidity develops a new revenue stream for DAO Maker - not only on transactions for incubated projects, but every transaction on their swap. The fee structure for this DAO Swap will be 0.25% per swap, rather than Uniswap's 0.3% (if the swapper holds DAO tokens). 

While any launchpad can create their own swap to facilitate this, liquidity is not guaranteed. Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of the entire market into one platform and as such, Orion Launchpad Liquidity enables this bottomless liquidity to the launchpad’s swap platform, while practically eliminating slippage for the end users.

Ahead of launch, DAO Maker will funnel incubated projects to launch on Orion Pool.

About Orion Pool

Orion Pool V2 launched on August 3rd. Now, any asset can list on Orion as easily as leading swaps, but with a number of industry-first benefits such as spotlighting, native farming, complex order types, global access across centralized and decentralized exchanges, and more. 

With this launch, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform to enable decentralized access to centralized and decentralized liquidity sources in one place. Users can seamlessly trade across Orion Pool, CEXs, and DEXs directly from their wallet (without KYC and regardless of jurisdiction), and the order will always be routed to the liquidity source with the best price.

A significant number of projects are lined up to list - from million to billion dollar market cap projects. Any project can submit a pool on Orion now, with a review process in place initially to manage the on-boarding of new assets. We will remove this vetting process in time to allow any project or individual to instantly create a pool, with regular auditing and reviews in place to ensure the safety of Orion Terminal users. Learn how to create a pool here.

While any project can list on Orion Pool, Spotlight Projects will be chosen on a limited basis through partnerships and community voting. ‘Spotlight’ placements will initially be reserved for core partners, but will be opened up to other pools and projects based on applications. Apply here.

Stay tuned for more Spotlight projects, partners, and listings to come.

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