Bringing HELIOS to Orion Terminal

Today, we're bringing the HELIOS token to Orion Terminal, but there's so much more to come. The HELIOS team is building a number of community-driven solutions on Orion Protocol, more of which will be revealed later today.

2022 is the year that we aim to motivate and mobilize our community in every way possible. That means taking on feedback, hearing concerns, and suggestions for improvements. This also means tapping into the incredible amount of talent in our community - whether designers, ambassadors, coders, translators, or anything in between.

Orion SDK enables building on Orion Protocol, and allows community-built projects to develop their own ideas and visions - supported by the Orion ecosystem. The upcoming Orion SDK grant will fuel tremendous opportunity for growth, enabling the community (not just large entities and partners) to utilize the tools built on the protocol, and contribute to protocol volume.

Integral to building these community tools will be HELIOS - an Orion reinforcing community-led initiative created by Orion's UI/UX developer Helios and his team. Creating, the Helios community,, Orion Builders, and the Orion Terminal redesign, the HELIOS token is at the core of all Helios’ projects. 

As part of this initiative, we have listed HELIOS on Orion Terminal (BSC). The HELIOS/ORN pool is now live, and ORN farming will soon be enabled.

HELIOS revenue streams: 
1. donations from users
2. Nebula: staking rewards from the HELIOS Vault’s ORN reserves
3. Sunspear: farming rewards from Helios’ ORN-USDT LP tokens
4. Northstar: profits from SolarFlare IDOs
5. Timewave: Orion funds for development
6. TBD: farming rewards from initial HELIOS/ORN liquidity


Add HELIOS (BEP-20) to your wallet
Ticker: HELIOS | Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0x49ee51Ce707F2E3a71D244b18a49378deBc3B05D

We want to encourage building on Orion Protocol, Orion SDK, and our upcoming Orion Builders initiative. Let us know in the form below what plans you have for building on Orion Protocol.


What would you like to build on Orion?