INJECTIVE: Spotlight Project on Orion Pool

It’s #InjectiveDay on Orion Terminal! Trading, providing liquidity, and farming is now enabled for INJ/USDT on the BSC chain.

What is Injective Protocol?

Injective Protocol is a decentralized exchange protocol that offers advanced features like cross-chain margin trading, derivatives, forex, synthetics, and futures trading. Injective was designed to be a completely decentralized, permissionless, and highly performant exchange protocol with zero gas fees. Developers can also build cross-chain Ethereum-compatible projects that are lightning fast and achieve instant transaction finality. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Binance, Pantera Capital and Mark Cuban.

INJ on Orion Terminal

The INJ/USDT pool is now live. Users can start providing liquidity for, farming, and trading INJ on Orion Terminal across multiple liquidity sources (centralized and decentralized) for the best price every time. Users can now:

  • Access INJ in one place across centralized + decentralized liquidity sources
  • Provide liquidity for the INJ/USDT pool and earn 0.3% pool fees
  • Earn farming rewards in ORN on top of pool fees
  • Future access to advanced features like margin and lending

Excited about the launch of INJ on Orion Terminal? We are too. To mark this day, we’ll be sharing exclusive content, competitions, and more throughout #InjectiveDay, with an opportunity to win prizes on Orion’s Telegram at 4pm ET. 



Orion x Injective Collaboration

Injective Protocol, the first layer-2 decentralized exchange that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi, is joining Orion’s Broker Network as the first liquidity provider of decentralized derivatives on Orion’s aggregated book orders. As a chain-agnostic liquidity aggregate building the decentralized gateway to the digital asset market, this integration will enable Orion Terminal to offer derivatives for users to trade traditional digital assets, exotics, and other derivatives. Furthermore, Orion Protocol will leverage Injective’s cross-chain and bridge solutions to further improve user experience when trading across distinct layer one protocols.

Injective saw the broker network as an innovative opportunity for  expansion through facilitating user growth for both protocols while also bringing decentralized derivatives to Orion’s network. Additionally, this collaboration enhances Injective’s vision and goal of bringing forth a truly decentralized and scalable derivatives exchange. 

Working together, Injective will provide Orion users access to a decentralized derivatives platform and Orion will improve Injective’s user experience by giving users access to their cross chain derivatives. As the core visions of both Orion and Injective align greatly, Orion and Injective will bring forward a more secure, flexible, and user-friendly experience to the rapidly growing DeFi space. 


About Orion Pool

Orion Pool V2 launched on Tuesday, August 3rd. Now, any asset can list on Orion as easily as leading swaps, but with a number of industry-first benefits such as spotlighting, native farming, complex order types, global access across centralized and decentralized exchanges, and more. 

With this launch, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform to enable decentralized access to centralized and decentralized liquidity sources in one place. Users can seamlessly trade across Orion Pool, CEXs, and DEXs directly from their wallet (without KYC and regardless of jurisdiction), and the order will always be routed to the liquidity source with the best price.

A significant number of projects are lined up to list - from million to billion dollar market cap projects. Any project can submit a pool on Orion now, with a review process in place initially to manage the on-boarding of new assets. We will remove this vetting process in time to allow any project or individual to instantly create a pool, with regular auditing and reviews in place to ensure the safety of Orion Terminal users. Learn how to create a pool here.

While any project can list on Orion Pool, Spotlight Projects will be chosen on a limited basis through partnerships and community voting. ‘Spotlight’ placements will initially be reserved for core partners, but will be opened up to other pools and projects based on applications. Apply here.

Stay tuned for more Spotlight projects, partners, and listings to come.

About Injective

Injective is the first cross-chain protocol built for decentralized finance applications. On the Injective exchange, anyone can access, create, and trade unlimited DeFi markets such as futures and perpetuals. Developers can also build cross-chain Ethereum-compatible projects that are lightning fast and achieve instant transaction finality. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Binance, Pantera Capital and Mark Cuban.

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