Orion Protocol: Quarterly Overview

It’s been an incredibly busy four months since our Token Generation Event when official trading of ORN began. Since then, the Orion team has been hard at work with product development, business development, marketing, and community growth initiatives. With the launch of Orion Terminal set for next month, let’s take a look at some of our key achievements to date:

Development Milestones

Official Exchange Listings:


  • Elrond: Orion Terminal to be the first DeFi project build on Elrond Main Net
  • Alliance Block: secure, compliant, non-custodial crypto trading to traditional finance entities
  • Kira Network: decentralized staking of any asset on Orion Terminal (stable coins, fiat and NFTs)
  • Dexe Network: decentralized copying of the best traders’ strategies across Orion Terminal
  • Boson Protocol: cross-trade tokens for NFTs directly connected to the entire crypto market.
  • MobiePay: allowin ORN to be spendable (online and offline) 500+ top retailers
  • Polkastarter: first Liquidity Boost Plugin client, providing bottomless liquidity to their DEX
  • Aleph.im: optimizing off-chain centralized order books to be trustless and decentralized
  • Certik: leading security firm Certik audits Orion Terminal's mainnet
  • See more on our other integrations here.

Brokers Announced:

Industry Partnerships:

Key Media Mentions:

Community Milestones:

26,000 new community members across Telegram and Twitter.


Orion Protocol’s Private Main Net is live and continually onboarding inaugural brokers for functionality and security optimization. With near full-functionality, this milestone is the final phase prior to Orion Terminal’s launch to the public next month. Currently underway:

  • Infrastructure update and merging of services for better scaling, maintenance, and reliability
  • Collateral implementation for the Exchange Contract
  • Improvement of the broker protocol based on broker feedback
  • Improvement of the UI (in particular the deposit/withdraw workflow)

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