More employees exit across Web3: Orion lets your talent shine brightly

Orion aims to recruit the unique talents potentially lost through the bear market downturn, which has led to other projects letting top professionals go or the project itself dissolving completely.


Orion has long been a successful alternative to the flaws of the crypto industry, providing liquidity, accessibility, scalability and custody solutions to a fragmented Web3 space. Through a long “crypto winter”, a growing number of projects have folded in the wake of exhausted resources and cutbacks. With this unfortunate loss of business, the talented team of individuals behind many of the projects have also now become redundant.

Orion already solves the industry’s woes technically, and now would like to reach out to these, now redundant, yet undoubtedly special blockchain talents. Orion wishes to use your impressive experience and innovation in blockchain at Orion Protocol, continuing to enhance the solid development already in place. One team’s loss is Orion’s gain.

Taking on talent

If you are one of the many talents recently released by another team because of a lack of resources or a completely dissolved blockchain project and want to continue your passion with the sustainable and constantly developing Orion Protocol, we’d love to hear from you.

Your expertise may lie in technical development, business, CEX or DEX exchanges, marketing, planning, metaverse and more. Orion values the knowledge and experience gained from other teams within the industry and the understanding of this unique space. Orion welcomes your interest and the opportunity to discuss ways in which you can aid in Orion’s continuous expansion and develop your own skills as part of a forward-thinking team.

Get in touch

Has the blockchain project you were with recently ceased? Get in touch today and let’s make the most of your Web3 skills and know-how with Orion Protocol.

Use the form below to tell us more about how your dedicated effort and ability can work with the team to propel Orion forward to new heights.


Matching your talent with Orion.