Single Network View.
The first step towards cross-chain trading.

‘Single Network View’ is live on Orion Terminal, creating one single trading view of all available assets across supported chains and exchanges. ‘Single Network View’ has been deployed across Orion Terminal and Orion Swap functionalities. Next, Single Network View will be deployed across Orion Pool to view all Liquidity Pools in one place.

Additional updates to the terminal include a tab specifically for previous and upcoming IDOs, and a separate tab for Governance Stakers.

Users only need to connect their wallet once, and don’t need to reconnect when changing chains. With other chain integrations underway, this is the first step towards seamless cross-chain trading, ahead of Orion Bridge’s launch on January 31st.

To maximize the value of Orion Bridge, the ‘single network view’ is live ahead of Orion Bridge’s launch on Monday January 31st: enabling true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation. 

The first truly decentralized cross-chain bridge, Orion Bridge is powered by peer-to-peer atomic swap technology. For the first time ever, it will enable users to trade popular native assets across different blockchains without limits, delays, refused orders, blocked funds, or exploits - eliminating the issues associated with other bridges in market

New bridges come to market all the time, but until they are integrated into the backend of trading platforms, we won’t see true cross-chain trading. Orion Bridge has been integrated into Orion Terminal's backend, enabling true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation. Building on the seamless cross-chain UI of Single Network View, Orion Bridge will integrate exchange orderbooks across different chains into one orderbook (for select assets).

In their first iterations, Single Network View and Orion Bridge has been enabled between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Going forward, we will integrate further chains and display them in one singular cross-chain trading visual. Going forward plan to move all transaction settlements to a cheap network in a way that remains transparent to users - enabling true ‘chain-agnostic’ trading and finally removing the boundaries between blockchains. 

Learn more and countdown to January 31st here.

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